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Joe Maddon and the Rays won’t ban beer in the clubhouse.

Champgne is cool too.

After new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine imposed a ban on beer in the Boston clubhouse, other managers around the majors were asked if they would follow suit. Rays manager Joe Maddon told the Tampa Bay Times they will not ban beer because they “are not the Red Sox.”

Score one for the good guy. We all know Maddon believes in trusting his players and on this subject there are no exceptions. “For me at the end of the day, I’d much prefer our players making good decisions, and if you’re of legal age, and the game is over, and you’ve sweated and lost a bunch of pounds and you want to sit down and have a beer, I see nothing wrong with that,” he told the times.

But there is one more thing Boston also had an issue with, fried chicken. When the Times asked Maddon about serving fried chicken in the clubhouse he answered, “Depends if that’s what they’re serving that night, It kind of goes well with it actually.”

Oh so true. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Especially if your fried chicken is real crunchy and you down it with your favorite brewski. Oh man…

I digress.

Some actually do feel it may be a distraction though. Sure, I can understand. But you are an adult so why not? How many times do some come home after a long day at work, pop open a can or bottle, and drink up? In my opinion, same scenario. Athletes are people too just like all of us.

Bottoms up.

One more thing. Would the Boston debacle from September be a big deal if they were eating lobster tails instead of fried chicken? Just sayin’.

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