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Bucs Agree to Televise Home Games Under new Rule.

Chalk this one up as a victory for the Bucs fans. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have decided to place each home game of 2012 with an 85% sell out of non-premium tickets in order to lift the blackout for home games.

Under the new NFL blackout policy, teams can elect to lift local blackouts in the region once a mark of total tickets have been sold from 85% – 100%. Any amount (if below 100%) over a mark set has to pay out more in revenue sharing. But to the 2012 Bucs, money isn’t an issue.

The mark of 85%, the lowest possible percentage allowed under the new agreement, means that the non-premium tickets (club, suites, etc.) must sell 85% for the game to be shown locally.

The true winners here are the fans. Whether it be due to weather, location, or the economy, the NFL did right with this initial ruling. Also give credit to the Buccaneers, who also understand that more revenue has to be paid out now for anything above the 85%.

Great move by the organization.

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