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Bucs Can’t Avoid a Blackout for Season Opener

Bucs fans that can’t make it out to the season opener (for whatever reason) had hoped the week one matchup between the Buccaneers and Panthers would be televised. Unfortunately, the game will be blacked out locally due to lack of ticket sales.

The Buccaneers elected to take advantage of the new NFL policy for lifting blackouts back in July. Each team in the NFL can pick a percentage of 85% – 100% of non-premium tickets to be sold 72 hours before the start of a game to lift a local blackout. The Tampa Bay organization agreed to the lowest percentage possible of 85% to give the fans a thome a shot at watching the game.

However, even at that low of a percentage, the Bucs were unable to announce a sellout.

On Wednesday, the Bucs announced several gameday enhancements at Raymond James Stadium to improve the fan experience at the games this season. From new in-stadium replays to free Wi-Fi to in-game entertainment, the Buccaneers are trying to do everything possible to get fans in the stands.

Let’s hope the crowd is larger than expected for the opener with walk-ups on gameday.

(Photo via Jacksonville.com)

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