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Freeman says relationship with Schiano is great

Many believe that there is some kind of a discord between Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano. Back in early March, Freeman’s agent Erik Burkhardt told TheBayCave.com that the Bucs are huge believers in his client and shot down the speculation of there being a disconnect between the team and Freeman.

Today, as a guest on “The Sports Page” with Rick Stroud and Tom Jones on 620WDAE/95.3FM, Freeman may have also shot down any rumors of a rift between he and the coach. (Full interview posted at the end.)

I spent quite a bit of time in coach Schiano’s office, hung with him around the facility, just getting to know him better talking about aspirations, what we’re trying to do with this team and the direction. I feel that my relationship with coach Schiano is probably best out of any coach. I’ve gotten to know him extremely well.

When reports first surfaced about the possible disconnect, it was only a matter of time that the national media would pick up on it and turn it into a much talked about debate. Then, when the Buccaneers selected Mike Glennon in round three of the draft, it immediately turned into a quarterback controversy.

Schiano has said some words that have raised eyebrows but nothing that directly pins him to disliking his starting quarterback. Besides, if he is truly saying things behind Josh Freeman’s back, that goes against everything Schiano has tried to sell since day one: Trust, belief, and accountability.

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  1. John

    Freeman has certainly shown promise in his short career. He has had games that have been some of the best by a QB in team history. On the other side of the knife he has just as easily shown play that brings back ghosts of the old sombrero. This is certainly the make or break season for Freeman if he cannot overcome so much inconsistency.
    I am hoping things turn around for Freeman, mostly because if the coaching staff cannot clean up Freeman’s play, I give them no more of a chance on fixing the inconsistencies that Glennon had shown. This season will not only be telling for the Quarterback position but the coaching staffs’ ability to develop a player at that position.

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