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Donald Penn responds to criticism in great fashion (UPDATED)

Someone made the big fella mad and that was not a good idea.

In an original article from Mark Cook of PewterReport.com that was picked up by Pro Football Talk, Bucs left tackle Donald Penn went off on Twitter in classic form.

What may have upset the 30-year old tackle was the fact that PFT was focusing on the “weight issues” of Cook’s article when all Cook did was make a brief mention of it while referencing the clauses in his contract.

Whether the claims are true or not, Penn’s reaction on Twitter may not boil over too well with the Bucs. In fact, he has since deleted his comments.


Mark Cook has updated his article on PewterReport.com with the following:

“PewterReport.com has learned on Monday that Penn did in fact meet his weight clauses for the 2012 season, although prior to 2012 Penn failed to meet some of the stipulations of weight in his contract, costing him bonus money.”

So while Penn met his weight, he didn’t meet certain “stipulations” within his contract. Sounds similar, but the way contracts are written it is a possibility that seems like a technicality.

To add to the Donald Penn weight debate, SportsTalkFlorida.com’s Bucs Insider Jenna Laine writes “multiple sources have suggested Penn did not show up this year within his required weight range.”

What was once a he said/she said moment, there are now two outlets reporting something in regards to Penn’s weight. Which could lead many to believe that the Bucs left tackle does have weight issues to some degree.

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