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Is Devin Hester coming to Tampa?

Special teams coach Kevin O’Dea emphasized the importance of a return game when he spoke to the media last Wednesday. Many began throwing suggestions out there on how the Bucs will make that possible. One option is Chicago Bears’ return specialist and free agent-to-be Devin Hester — primarily because of his ties to current Bucs’ head coach Lovie Smith. 

Now while it may be a suggestion, another one of his former coaches, Andrew Hayes-Stoker, served on Smith’s offensive staff from 2006-2012. He is familiar with Hester’s game as he served as Chicago’s assistant wide receivers coach for his last three seasons. But Hayes-Stoker may be more than a former coach and a friend, he may also be serving as someone with inside information or as a recruiter — demonstrated by his Twitter timeline.

Could it be possible that information, to some degree, has already been shared? After a couple responses and a day later, Hayes-Stoker perhaps tried to retract his tweet.

Well, whatever the case may be, it’s interesting to note that the Bucs are looking to spice up their return game and Hester is set to hit the open market with many of his former coaches manning the sidelines of Tampa Bay.

So for now, we’ll let this be what it is — a rumor. But when a former coach comes out telling a former player he’ll see him in the city he is now coaching in, it’ll raise some eye brows. This one certainly flew under the radar.

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