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Report: Patriots, Broncos are trying to get Revis

The Darrelle Revis trade rumors continue, this time around there are two teams tied to the rumor. Via Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos are two that are trying to get Revis from the Buccaneers. 

The speculation has centered most prominently on the Patriots and Broncos.  Both teams have aging franchise quarterbacks who have managed to contend but not conquer in recent years.  Both teams are running out of chances to finish the job.

Florio goes on to list reasons why New England and Denver could make a case for Revis including aging cornerbacks and paying the Bucs’ Pro Bowl cornerback as opposed to one of their own. All are just theories, but saying “speculation has centered” around those two teams is the only line that may be relevant in the entire piece.

Did Florio get this information or is it something he is simply throwing out there? The report is simply making a case for why New England and Denver may be reaching out to the Bucs. But specifically saying that the speculation is centered around them is what may get some people going again.

Another thing to point out is potential draft picks in a possible deal. Both teams have seven picks in the draft come May. Difference is the Patriots have no fifth-round pick but do have two in round six. So if there is any “firepower” for a potential deal, both could be candidates.

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