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Bucs may prefer Manziel over Bridgewater

Teams get a first-hand look at a player’s abilities during the NFL scouting combine and at their pro days. Well after watching Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, the Bucs appear to have their minds made up on who they would prefer.

Tampa Bay Times’ columnist and 620 WDAE’s Sports Page co-host Rick Stroud said Thursday that after talking to head coach Lovie Smith that he rellay likes Manziel and explains why.

“[Lovie Smith] said something the other day to me about the quarterback position and how his ideas have evolved about the quarterback position during his time off,” Stroud said. “He didn’t really get into it but what I think he meant is guys that extend plays are becoming more valuable in this league.”

Stroud and co-host Tom Jones would later discuss how Manziel has the ability to extend plays and that may be why Smith is drawn to him. They would also mention how they feel Tampa Bay may not be high on Bridgewater.


The topic was brought up after Stroud’s appearance on NFL Network duing a segment of beat reporters from across the NFL participated in a mock draft. Stroud selected Manziel for the Buccaneers and stated head coach Lovie Smith came away impressed after attending Manziel’s pro day.

The full audio of Stroud’s segment on 620 WDAE is below.

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