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Will the Bucs “sell out” and draft a quarterback?

We are still 10 days away from the draft. So as you can imagine, lots of debate and suggestions — oh yes, and mock drafts — are still going on about who the Buccaneers will select when their first pick of the first round comes up. 

If you have been following along you’d know that TheBayCave.com has written several articles about the Bucs selecting another position player outside of quarterback with their first pick. There is a likelihood that the projected first round quarterbacks fall out of the first round and into the second, some maybe even the third.

With that notion, some feel that drafting a signal caller in the first round of this draft, more specifically in the top half, is a reach. NFL Network’s Albert Breer was a guest on 620 WDAE’s ‘The Sports Page’ Tuesday morning and talked about the recent failures of drafting a quarterback first.

“Here’s the thing guys. We now have so many examples over the last four or five years of teams selling out to get quarterbacks because there is a need at the position and making big mistakes,” Breer said. “I will take you back to 2011 and look at what happened in the first 12 picks of that draft if you really study it, let’s take Cam Newton out of it. Cincinnati [Bengals] had a quarterback need, they decide to wait, they get Andy Dalton. Maybe he’s the franchise guy, maybe he’s not. But because they waited they got [wide receiver] A.J Green. Now go a few picks later and you get San Francisco, they had a quarterback need. They went for Colin Kaepernick in the second round and because they waited they got [defensive end] Aldon Smith. Now Aldon Smith obviously has issues but that’s a pretty good football player.

“Now look at the teams that took quarterbacks in the Top 12 outside again of Cam Newton. Blaine Gabbert (Jacksonville), Jake Locker (Tennessee), and Christian Ponder (Minnesota). All three of those teams have fired their coaches since. I’m not saying that you don’t need a great quarterback. But the point I’m making is that you can really cost yourself if you reach at that point of the draft. Sometimes you can find the answers further down the line.”

That is the point TBC has been making all along. Scouts know more than that the average analyst and are the reasons why they are employed by their respected teams. Many of them are at odds as to where these quarterbacks values truly are.

Breer appears to be thinking along the same lines and would continue on with the topic.

“Every team that has won a Super Bowl over the last few years hasn’t found a guy with the first overall pick, fifth overall pick, or the 10th overall pick,” Breer said. “Teams are looking at it more and saying to themselves ‘Because this is a really strong draft we are going to be passing up on a damn good football player to go and reach for a quarterback to try and fill a need and then we’re married to the guy because we took him so high.’ Again i go back to the 2011 draft if you really, really look at it and study it. Of the Top 16 picks, 12 have made the Pro Bowl — an average of three years. Pretty astonishing number, right? Of the four guys who haven’t, one is Nick Fairly and the other three is those three quarterbacks. So there is a lot of merit to not pushing it. If the guy isn’t a franchise quarterback, wait.”

One of the popular quarterbacks often mentioned is Johnny Manziel. When Breer was asked about him, he responded by saying he can see Minnesota selecting him in the eighth spot. That means the Bucs would look passed him.

For the entire interview of Breer with The Sports Page’s Rick Stroud and Tom Jones, listen to it below.

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