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What really happened during the Glennon trade talks?

Before the draft, reports flew about the Buccaneers willingness to trade away quarterback Mike Glennon some time during the draft. One report had them wanting a second-rounder for the last year’s rookie signal caller. But a trade never came to be. 

As the draft went on and Tampa Bay made their selections, they would never draft a quarterback. That left many scratching their heads as to why they did not. The plans to draft players other than a quarterback showed that they are true on Glennon sticking around for the future.

During the draft, the team confirmed they fielded calls for Glennon but no deals came from them. So what happened during those calls? General manager Jason Licht explains.

“We fielded several calls, had several conversations and those conversations would end when I’d say that we wanted to go with Mike Glennon on our roster moving forward,” Licht told Steve Duemig on 620 WDAE  this week.

Many feel that may not be true. But let’s take a look at what the Bucs have done with a couple of players the past few months.

They released guard Davin Joseph and tackle Donald Penn during free agency when they could not find trade partners to deal with. Wide receiver Mike Williams was traded to Buffalo for a sixth-round pick, where some would consider Williams being traded for “peanuts.”

If the Buccaneers were willing to just part with the previously mentioned players for almost nothing, they most certainly could have traded Glennon or even release him if they truly wanted to. So in essence, what really happen during those trade talks were nothing at all.

Click here to listen to the Jason Llicht interview in its entirety where he also explained passing over Johnny Manziel.

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