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Changes to Glennon are becoming more apparent

About a week ago, TheBayCave.com mentioned how quarterback Mike Glennon’s mechanics may have changed this offseason. Earlier this week, TBC noticed a change in Glennon’s listed weight from last offseason to now. The potential changes in GLennon have caused several of Bucs players, coaches and even general Manager Jason Licht have talked about him having a canon for an arm. 

So what can that be a result of?

For starters, his weight.

Joe Bucs Fan wrote an article looking into these “canon for an arm” claims and within it was a line that validates our observations on Glennon’s weight.

Joe spoke 1-on-1 to all kinds of ex-NFL players during Super Bowl Media Day about Glennon. Joe got all kinds of evaluations, including from the likes of Warren Sapp, Kurt Warner, Amani Toomer, Rich Gannon and Gil Brandt, among others Joe heard good and bad about Glennon, but Joe never heard “cannon” chatter.

So what is going on?

Perhaps Glennon has benefited from being coached by two quarterbacks gurus and former quarterbacks in Jeff Tedford and Marcus Arroyo? Maybe the “5 to 10 pounds” of muscle Glennon added this offseason, so Glennon told Joe, is making a difference?

Those “5 to 10 pounds” Glennon told Joe Bucs Fan falls in range of the weight difference from last year’s 225 pounds to this year’s 232 pounds.

The other thing worth noting here is the “canon” reference being tossed around lately. The term could be used for describing his deep throws, velocity of his throws, his release point, etc. During these offseason workouts, not much is shown during practices so TBC is unable to say definitively what the team may be talking about when the term “canon” and Glennon are used in the same sentence.

However, it’s fair to say that there have been changes to Mike Glennon just like we have reported. And these changes — for Glennon — are a step in the right direction.

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