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TBC Mailbag: Doug Martin and the Bucs’ receivers.

TheBayCave.com is taking questions from its readers and social media followers. TBC will publish these question and answer sessions weekly — whether it’s on the Bucs, NFL, or whatever piques their interest.

In this weekly installment of TBC Mailbag, Senior Writer Gil Arcia answered questions via email regarding the Bucs’ Doug Martin and their receivers. 

Zachary – Tampa, Fl
How much of an impact will Doug Martin have if Tedford limits his attempts for production?

As the numbers go, the amount of carries will be impacted but not so much his production. Martin will almost certainly see the bulk of the action even if the Bucs carry 10 running backs. His production from his first 22 games speak of his ability. The Buccaneers will definitely use Martin often even though he may not be in certain personnel groupings.

He has averaged 20.3 carries per game so far in his career. With alternating backs, he may see somewhere around 15 carries per game and perhaps an increase in looks within the passing game.

Sean – St. Petersburg, Fl
I don’t see the Bucs as addressing the wide receiver position outside of drafting Evans. Seems like they are playing damaging control talking up Owusu, Herron, Murphy. Any chance they still go out and get other receivers?

I can say from watching Robert Herron in practice that he can be that slot guy. Has to work a bit on his hands but he can definitely turn into a threat. The third to fifth spots on the depth chart will be difficult to fill however. The three you mentioned could very well fill them, but they also have to look at Eric Page and Lavelle Hawkins among others.

There is always a possibility of them continuing to add wide receivers to the roster. Training camp is just around the corner and teams can make cuts at any time. But if you are looking for a top tier receiver to hit the open market and the Bucs grab him, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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