A double-digit sack year for a defensive lineman

Remember when Da’Quan Bowers said he would hit double-digit sacks in 2013? Or last year’s “big time” free agent signing Michael Johnson saying he had plans on getting double-digit sacks in 2014? 

Neither happened. In fact, the Bucs have not had a player record 10 or more sacks since the Simeon Rice days (2005). So will 2015 be the year someone on the defensive finally hits that mark?

Our good buddy and BucsBlitz.com’s publisher Justin Pawlowski says a Tampa Bay lineman will have a breakout season and record at least 10 sacks, 10 seasons after the last player to do so.

Jacquies Smith: Smith was a pleasant surprise in 2014 when he totaled 6.5 sacks after not playing much until week 9. I think it’s very safe to call Smith a potential breakout candidate for 2015. I don’t think there are many Bucs fans that can remember the last time a defensive end totaled 10 sacks in a season. If Smith continues the play he had at the end of 2014, he should reach double-digit sacks in 2015.

Smith was indeed a pleasant surprise in 2014 and you can tell the defense started playing better as a unit because of him as the season went on. How so? Instead of the offense trying to account for others along the line, teams took notice of Smith which freed up players elsewhere. The game tape shows that.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy came close in 2013 when he recorded 9.5 sacks. But close doesn’t cut it in the NFL.

Smith will have a tougher challenge this season because teams will be gameplanning for him. The additions of Henry Melton and George Johnson on the defensive front should help take some of the attention off which could help smith reach 10 sacks in the entire season.

The 6.5 sacks posted by Smith last season came in just seven games.

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Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

I'm simply not buying into the..BUC hype this upcoming season. I did so last year only to be let down terribly. This year its, Hoping for the best with my Bucs. Defensive pressure of any kind would be a big plus for the defense this year. I'll remain..cautiously optimistic. GO BUCS!!

ProducingDave said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC As Bucs fans, we can only hope this happens... I like "Jack" but I'm not sure he will continue to be successful.

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