Audio: Lack of research in the Winston saga is annoying

Journalistic laziness is consistently displayed with every bit of news that drops related to Jameis Winston and his accuser, Erica Kinsman. It seems that no research ever gets done.

Thursday’s news of her lawsuit was an expected move by her legal team and a timely one at that. But it’s also a decision that won’t factor into the Bucs’ decision.

Still, many outlets choose to run with it, especially with one specific part. Word of a second accuser mentioned (again) in her latest suit allowed the masses with agenda and a narrative to immediately put pen to paper — or finger to keyboard — and create a story. But this second accuser is not news and another different story by Kinsman’s legal team.

Find out why it’s yet another inconsistent attempt in the short, brief, and unedited podcast posted below (unedited as in we didn’t go back and remove certain annoying sounds or interference so apologies in advance).


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JeffreyMillinger said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike vicbarney1 can he stay "football focused"?  I've been watching (and learning) football for over 30 years, and the ONLY people I've ever known who could match Winston's focus were guys like Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, and Peyton Manning.  This guy lives, drinks, and breaths football... just because some idiot wants to compare him to Jamarcus Russell or Johnny Manziel doesn't mean it's correct.  The only thing Winston has in common with Russell is they are black, and the only thing he has in common with Manziel is they both have Heisman trophies.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

pfosterbucsfan8900  I no longer live in the TB area. But I was born and raised in Temple Terrace. Went to HS there. And I went to all of the Bucs games in the 70's as a kid with my dad as we suffered thru those..agonizing losing seasons. I'm hoping you are right. We need to..get out of the cellar and take back the division. I am excited about the upcoming year, regardless of who we draft. If Lovie and the GM do not get us to at least 8-8? They will be fishin off of the bay with Schiano!! GO BUCS!!

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

vicbarney1  The 1st black Montana?  How about him just concentrating on being a good QB if we pick him? If he can get those interceptions down at the pro level, he will be a very good QB. He has all of the tools. The question is, can he stay football focused?  I truly hope so if he is our pick. If he does? We got a winner...in town!! GO BUCS!!

pfosterbucsfan8900 said : Guest Report one year ago

As a die hard bucs Fan since 1989... I trust and believe the Glaziers and the front office have everything covered. I'm stoked about this year, but as a career fan. I'm already thinking next year could be a very special team. #bucsnation

vicbarney1 said : Guest Report one year ago

I need to know what credentials Winston has to become the first black "Joe Montana," Terry Bradshaw, or even a Eli Manning? I'm speaking academics-ville

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

TheShaz Civil cases CAN take a while. They are completely different than criminal cases. Depending on the judge and attorney's involved. Don't want this to..drag on the entire season. That's all I'm sayin. Settling a case does not presume nor place guilt of involved parties. Don't want this to be a distraction to Winstons complete attention to learning Koetter's offense. The lady is not asking for much, This lets us know she is just tryin to get paid..with something. Not sayin Winston Should pay. Just sayin it is an alternative rather than months/years in court. Civil cases can be a..mother!!

TheShaz said : Guest Report one year ago

I shall assist the poor filter. The b***h is trying to cash in. Gil is correct the timing says allot. Winston has had a couple of good weeks on TV from the combine to pro day and various tv show/interviews and appearances at charity events. I thought they would have waited til the week of the draft. The low amount says allot as well. If he settles, those that drive the narrative will call it a guilty plea. If he goes to trial, yes it will be a distraction, but I think he can handle it and to be frank, I think it will be even more motivation for him to excel as a NFL QB. Duke LaCrosse team Rolling Stones college rape story It's a narrative, the media has long forgotten the truth of a story is key. It's narrative and sensationalism.

BatchNewell said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC Nole fans would call it worse than that. Glad that so many others are starting to see another side.

DanielNowlin said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC great job on the podcast! Appreciated your input on the issue #IGWT

thebaycave said : Guest Report one year ago

@PewterBleedin @joshuacook522  You are right Dave the filter may not have picked it up. Not saying you don't have a right to say what you want, Joshua. Just saying to watch the words. We're not the only site that does that. And thanks for the kind words, PewterBleedin. Appreciate you listening.

PewterBleedin said : Guest Report one year ago

joshuacook522 Chill man. Just said it was a filter. Every site does the same. Pewter Report, Joe Bucs Fan, this is no different. Just go elsewhere.

joshuacook522 said : Guest Report one year ago

I think its sad we have to sensor what we say online when we are all adults here not like we all don't say these things every day I think we should stop trying to control everyone and let people say what ever they feel like saying its pathetic we all need to grow up and quit crying for Christ sakes slavery ended long ago we all have the freedom to say what ever we feel like

thebaycave said : Guest Report one year ago

joshuacook522 I edited your original comment and removed what you said. You can call her whatever you want. I was referring to keeping a clean word choice on this site. That is all.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

joshuacook522  Perhaps. However I am only suggesting this is one means available to close the situation once and for all. Civil cases can drag out in court for months..even years. The financial settlement s would not be an admission of guilt but would settle the matter. Putting it behind him wherein Winston could concentrate on Football 100%. Like I said, Winston has learned his lesson and it could turn out to be an expensive on at that!!

joshuacook522 said : Guest Report one year ago

The only reason this is being brought up is because Winston is black big Ben ale Steelers molested a child and he didn't miss one game

joshuacook522 said : Guest Report one year ago

I would not give her a dime that would let other women know that this is a viable source of income o ill just sleep around and then scream rape and get fat paid

joshuacook522 said : Guest Report one year ago

I'm pretty sure I kept it clean I'm just pointing out the facts Jamie's did not rape this woman if he did he would of have rape charges in fed up with women using their past relationships as income we have corners for that I would openly say this women is trash nothing more nothing less she is just doing what trash does sad we can't say what we feel in the media for fear of someone's feelings getting hurt YOUR AN ADULT LIFE AIN'T FAIR CRY ME A RIVER BOO HOO

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Again, Allegations. Ms Kinsman.is seeking damages in excess of 15 grand? Not much if you ask me. I don't think she will win. If you could not get Law enforcement to press charges and the investigation revealed no supporting evidence, I do believe Winstons chances are very good. Or..he could just wait until his signing and give this woman 20 grand to.settle the case which would shut the entire thing down for good!! No, I do not think Winston raped this woman. But this I do know, He learned the lesson of a lifetime very early. He won't be makin this mistake again. Do what you gotta do Jamis to put this behind you. Its time to..ball out and win a championship for the Bucs!!  AMEN.

thebaycave said : Guest Report one year ago

joshuacook522 Keep it clean, Joshua. No room for that.

joshuacook522 said : Guest Report one year ago

This is just another woman that got dumped and now wants to try and scream rape because they realize the man is going to be rich and the woman wants to try and steal a piece of the pie you are a ugly hoe gets used to it

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