Bucs are wasting Dante Fowler’s time

The draft buzz is getting hotter and the Bucs are the center of attention as we get closer to the draft. Their evaluation on players continue and on Friday are hosting several for workouts, including Florida’s defensive end Dante Fowler

Fowler, who is projected to be drafted in the Top 5 of many  mock drafts, is not happy visiting the Buccaneers as he feels it’s a waste of time. (h/t JoeBucsFan)

“They’re going with a quarterback,” Fowler said via The Tampa Bay Times. “I feel like there’s no need for them to talk to me and waste my time unless something happens with Jameis [Winston] or Marcus [Mariota] or something like that. They know where they’re going. I understand that.”

Fowler could easily be upset because he wants to focus more on other teams that may legitimately draft him. As he points out, he is aware of the Bucs intentions of going quarterback but any other team would be doing the same — due diligence.

As for that quarterback, Tampa Bay is drafting Florida State’s Jameis Winston. I have been on Twitter as well as written it on BucsBlitz.com Friday morning that I am 100 percent confident that is what is happening. That is base off the intel I received that the belief is the team gave Jameis Winston the answer he was looking for.

That answer being that he wanted confirmation from the Buccaneers on what they were doing with the No. 1 pick. Especially now that their research into his background has concluded.


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4 Comments on Bucs are wasting Dante Fowler’s time

the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

This is the biggest mistake in Lovie Smith's career. In fact it just may end up costing Lovie his job . Jamies Winston's own attorney say's he needs help to grow up.

TripHitNdip39 said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC He seems like a self entitled prick that thinks hes above the level hes at. An unproven rookie that has done NOTHING in the NFL

GilArciaTBC said : Guest Report one year ago

A_Katzman83 certainly seems that way

A_Katzman83 said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC gosh he is such a whiny baby,serves him right..I wish they'd slam the door on his fingers when he gets there,teach him a lesson

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