Bucs go O-Line strong in Day 2 of the draft

Talk about protecting your investment. After selecting Jameis Winston first overall, the team drafts two offensive linemen in the second round. 

Tampa Bay selects Penn State offensive tackle Donovan Smith with pick No. 34 and Hobart College offensive tackle Ali Marpet with pick No. 61 after trading up four spots. Both picks may have been a surprise for some, but they were both high on the Bucs boards.

Here was general Jason Licht talking about both rookies.

“Donovan is a very patient left tackle. Sometimes patience is something that’s really tough to coach. He’s got great feet, he’s patient, he doesn’t get bull-rushed – he’s a big man that’s got a strong punch. Very fluid – bends well. He’s also a very tenacious run blocker, very powerful and can dominate up front there, too. He’s got a very unique skillset, where he’s got a great blend of being able to do both well. Ali, we think that the sky’s the limit on his upside. I think he’s got a chance to be really, really good as an interior offensive lineman, in both areas.”

Licht said Marpet will play at guard and can also play some center. He added that Smith will play at left tackle and be given every opportunity to start.

Head coach Lovie Smith acknowledge the potential of both linemen starting along with Winston.

“We feel like we added – potentially, yes. I think all of these three players definitely have a chance to play a lot of football for us. Of course, you draft the first pick in the draft, that goes without saying, but both of these offensive linemen have a chance to help us some day.”

Rounds 4-7 begin at noon Saturday with the Bucs holding picks No. 128, 162, 184, 218, and 231.

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3 Comments on Bucs go O-Line strong in Day 2 of the draft

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

I like both these picks on the Offensive line. No..Body is moving Mr Smith at tackle. And Marpet is ripe with potential. He has yet to reach over half of his ability. He's from a very small school and has raw strength. Can't wait. GO GET"EM BUCS!!

sns5251 said : Guest Report one year ago

Gothic_Bucs_fan You are on crack. Pick in 4th

Gothic_Bucs_fan said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC the Bucs have picks today?? Thought they had nothing till the 7th round or am I on crack??

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