Bucs’ “interest” in Suh should not go beyond that

From the files of “Building a Stellar Fantasy Team” comes a report where the Buccaneers are among others interest in defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

The latest from NBC’s Dianna Russini says the Bucs, Jaguars, and Raiders will be a part of the Suh sweepstakes. This after the Detroit Lions will reportedly not have interest in tagging him.

Having a player of Suh’s caliber line up next to Gerald McCoy would look pretty on paper. It would even be exciting to watch. But there are too many things to consider. Things like eventually paying Lavonte David, bringing in some offensive linemen, a middle linebacker, etc. Many are also forgetting the decent job Clinton McDonald did and the outlook the staff has for him.

It’s not even about his character concerns. You can always put (which there will be) clauses in his contract to make sure he behaves on the field. It’s just too much money. Money the Bucs can invest wisely elsewhere.


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