Bucs, Lovie go from “relevant” to embarrassing

Remember when Bucs head coach Lovie Smith said the Bucs were relevant again following their victory against the Atlanta Falcons November 1? Remember when I suggested to those on Twitter to not buy in and Smith should pump his brakes?

Well you now see why.

The team that dropped their final four games when they were sitting within a game or two of a playoff seed is the same team that its head coach tried to claim as relevant. It’s the same team that is led by head coach Lovie Smith.

Embarrassing, not relevant.

A relevant team doesn’t fold up in the final game of the season and get trampled 38-10. A relevant team has players that realize their jobs are on the line for next season and closes out the season strong. But those are players led, and hand-picked, by head coach Lovie Smith.

It was an embarrassment, nowhere near relevant.

But claims like that have been going on all season. Smith has often talked like a coach who is lying to the public as well as himself trying to force a reality upon others that does not exist just to keep his job like how there is progress when there really wasn’t. His defense has given up more points than they did a year ago. How is that progress?

What is reality is that Smith will be back for a third year with more of the same act as his first two seasons. A sad reality.

It’ll be Smith’s third off-season and an off-season filled with changes once again.

“I don’t know if this is the time [to discuss next season],” Smith said after the game Sunday,. “There are a lot of areas we will look at, we will evaluate our entire ball club. I have an idea right now on some areas we need to address. I think that’s pretty much understood the areas we need to address.”

So there will be more roster turnover. Smith will — for the third time — get rid of several players and bring in others. That’s not rebuilding. That is the equivalent of a new head coach coming in each year and bringing in players he feels will work in his system.

People don’t like coaches being dumped every other year, but are ignoring the fact when a roster is turned over, you are essentially putting a different team out there each time. Lovie Smith will have a different team in 2016 for the third time in a row. Unable to figure out when in today’s NFL, several if not almost all head coaches are successful in Year 1 and at worst within their first two seasons with their new teams.

Something needs to change. You have a star rookie quarterback who is sick and tired of a losing mentality and has pointed out the obvious in just his first 16 games of his young career. That mentality needs to be fixed and it starts at the top. Smith was brought in to lead a group of men to victory yet are picking up on his relaxed ways in route to an 8-24 record in the first two seasons.

Expect more of the same in the third season under Smith because one more draft isn’t turning things around with all the changes.

And that’s embarrassing. Not relevant.

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jerseybuc said : Guest Report 8 months ago

Hard to believe most people don't see this.Until this defensive philosphy is changed we won't win. Even with  a better pass rush the system is flawed. Safeties that aren't that good sitting too deep, and too much green grass where unchallanged receivers slant us to death. We are destined to fail until we change our leadership on the field. I just hope we don't lose our QB mentally, and our OC literally by the time he is fired.

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