Bucs mentioned as trade-up possibility

General manager Jason Licht (Buccaneers.com Photo)

General manager Jason Licht (Buccaneers.com Photo)

In Peter Kings MMQB this week he surveyed anonymous NFL GM’s on particular draft scenarios. One was “teams most likely to trade up in to the top five”. The Bucs were listed by one. This is noteworthy because most of what we’ve heard regarding the Bucs is related to trading down and acquiring picks, as opposed to trading up and losing picks. So it begs the question: Would Jason Licht pull the trigger?

The number one problem is cost; moving up isn’t cheap, or everyone would do it. With that said, the Bucs may have a rare coupon in the form of Mike Glennon. Despite his limited ceiling, young quarterbacks with successful starting experience in the NFL sell faster than a Publix chicken tender sub on sale. The addition of Glennon to a deal would significantly lower the amount of draft picks being asked for.

Assuming that Mike Glennon is a key part of a Jason Licht scheme to move up, there are limited teams in the top five that would even entertain it. Of the Titans, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys and Jaguars, the only three potential teams are the Browns, Chargers and Cowboys. Both the Chargers and Cowboys would be looking for an heir apparent to their respective aging, star quarterbacks, and the Browns would be looking for young competition with Robert Griffin III.

Cleveland picks number two, the highest of the three options, and is in a perpetual search of a good quarterback. For these reasons, Cleveland is the most ideal trade partner. If they aren’t in love with Jared Goff or Carson Wentz then perhaps they’d choose to acquire a few picks, move back to number nine, and see if they can get something out of Mike Glennon.

In any trade up scenario, especially one to number two, it has to be assumed that the Bucs first target would be Florida State safety/cornerback/return-man, Jalen Ramsey. The team desperately needs a playmaking defensive back that can alter entire games on his own, and create plays that other defensive backs simply aren’t capable of. The Bucs transformed the leadership complex on offense (and really the whole team) when they took Jameis Winston. They would be doing similar for the defense by taking Jalen Ramsey, something that Jameis Winston has probably made very clear to the coaches and suits at One Buc Place.

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DukeWhite said : Guest Report 4 months ago

Bucs should stick with #9or move back for more picks to improve team as a whole not just one player.Ramsey could get hurt if put in as returner then we're no better off.

houseofbacon83 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave of note in your article about trading up: chicken tender sub's are on sale next week. $5.99 for a whole.

TheRealJHo_ said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC TH_Natural

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