Jan 15

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Bucs new offense about speed in space

“Speed in space” was said often by Bucs’ new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford as he met the the media for the first time on Wednesday. He produced the likes of DeSean Jackson, Jahvid Best, and Marshawn Lynch, who were dangerous in open space. That was the tone Tedford was emphasizing in his press conference today. 

Tedford was asked about the players currently on the Buccaneers roster and he stated that not only will the right players have to be in place, but the offense also has to suit the players. One way is by getting players out in the open field.

“We want to make sure that whether we have the players on our team now — which is what we are in the process of evaluating — that can do some of the things that we want to get done or drafting them or free agency, acquiring however we get them,” Tedford said. “The philosophy is we want to make sure we can run the football. We want to be physical up front and run the football. We want to be diverse. We want to get speed in space, multiple personnel, formations. We will use tempo, change tempos from time to time.”

Certainly that is a change from the previous regime. All that was constantly heard was that they wanted to attack down field. Well, Tedford wants to do that and more. He talked about how to get to that point of the gameplan.

“The big thing is to make sure we give the players the answers to the test to put them in position to be successful,” Tedford. “Preparation is key, ball protection. Turnovers is probably the most telling statistic in football, absolutely making sure we are protecting the football. That we play together as a team because certain games [as we] come into it there are situations. It’s a situational game and you have to win those situations and you have to put yourself in a position to win those situations. Obviously staying out of third-and-long. Third-and-3 [is a] much higher percentage than third-and-long. But how we are playing as a team, the situation of the game I think will dictate how you go about how you are calling a game at that time.”

Running back Doug Martin may benefit greatly from Tedfords visions on how the offense should be run. Quarterback Mike Glennon can potentially benefit as well as Tedford’s ideas for running the football and creating space for players comes to life. But much like any new regime, they will get the right guys in.

As Tedford stated, the evaluation process is ongoing. And even though everything he said sounded great, it’s the most optimistic feeling that has come out of One Buc Place when talking offense in a long time.

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