Bucs offense had no direction, says Dietrich-Smith

This shouldn’t come as a shocker, but the Buccaneers were offensively challenged throughout the 2014 season. Yes, you all are fully aware of that. The difference now is a current Tampa Bay player described how bad it truly was. 

“We were really trying to find ourselves all year and I don’t think we ever really got a foothold on that,” said Bucs’ center Evan Dietrich-Smith. “It’s like somebody gave you a box, and the box was full of things, with a picture on the side like a kids toy set and then you open the box and there’s no directions and they tell you to put it together. That’s kind of how it was. We were sitting back and staring and we never really got it quite right.”

However, Dietrich-Smith would later add that head coach Lovie Smith did a great job getting players prepared and keeping the locker room in line.

So there was apparently no direction, yet Smith did a great job. Anyhow, you can hear the audio for yourself. Make of it what you will.

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3 Comments on Bucs offense had no direction, says Dietrich-Smith

Bucscookfan4life said : Guest Report one year ago

I think we should draft Leonard WILLIAMS and get a QB with our 3rd or 4th pick let's make sure we stop the score no score means no win let stop them before we think about scoring you can always win 6-0 you can't win if you can't stop them

Vic said : Guest Report one year ago

Did you just say that I can use THE CAVE already?

Vic said : Guest Report one year ago

Sounds just like the Tampa Bay franchise until Jon Gruden showed up to give them a SuperBowl and then getting fired for it! Led me to believe the only the Miami Dolphins are allowed by the NFL to be a winning franchise in the state of Florida! PLEASE SPEAK-OUT FANS! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

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