Bucs ownership still stands by the Winston selection

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell in love with quarterback Jameis Winston. That includes the ownership group, in case anyone still doubts it.

Through Winston’s unfortunate allegations of sexual assault while at Florida State, several publications chose to ignore facts within the case as well as the accuser’s ever changing story. One of the publications who put the accuser on a pedestal and tried to bury Winston the person is the New York Times. Monday evening, that same publication was at an event which featured the owners from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Rays and Bucs — Co-Chairman Bryan Glazer — and was asked about handling players with domestic violence accusations all while mentioning Winston’s name (via Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Ashley Kritzer).

Kudos to Mr. Glazer for handling the question the right way. The agenda spewed by the New York Times is well known among many who have followed the Winston case closely. It’s sickening, idiotic and pathetic that they just can’t seem to get past the story despite all the information out there discrediting the accuser.

Not to mention, the accuser’s favorite show is about a girl who enjoys ruining people’s lives and once supported a man who was being a accused of sexual assault.

But those are stories for another day. The fact is, the Glazers, nor anyone from the Bucs for that matter, can openly speak about what they did in researching Winston’s case. The accuser’s attorneys are already after the team for the information they gathered since it is an open case.

So for the New York Times to continue on this irrational, Donald Trump-like march to getting down to the bottom of something that doesn’t exist, let’s not forget who were the ones that welcomed Winston to Tampa Bay during the phone call.

Yep, it was the Glazers.

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JPGarv said : Guest Report 5 months ago

TheBayCave GilArciaTBC Seriously? Why the hell wouldn't they? U0001f334U0001f3c8U0001f334

NickBrew2840 said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave man I hope so. It's a little late to say "maybe Mariota was our guy".... so pumped to have JW as the QB in Tampa

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