Bucs ready for preseason game action

Bucs are a couple days away from their first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. With preparation already underway, some topics were touched on pertaining to the preseason. 

The following is from the transcripts provided by the Buccaneers Communications Department.

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Head Coach Lovie Smith

(On if he would like quarterback Jameis Winston to have an opportunity to execute a two-minute drive the first preseason game)

“In a perfect world, yes. In a perfect world, some time. We have other preseason games. It’s not (that) we want to get it all in the first one, but he will hopefully get a two-minute drive in sometime during this preseason. You can’t script it completely, but that’s why you have to put him in situations like this. We see when there is a sack or something like that. (It’s about) operation, as much as anything. He did make some good throws. He’s put together a few good days. It seems like he’s taken a step to being a little bit closer to where we want him to be.”

(On what advice he would give his young players who may get star-struck during their first preseason game)

“There is no great advice you can give them except ‘There is a reason why you are here.’ They prepared themselves the best they can for this opportunity. Now, you have to be able to perform in the NFL. I think coming here they know. They work pretty hard to get to this (point). Normally, if you know what you are doing, your talents eventually take over in that game. From what I have heard from most players during their first game they get out there and it’s football. We have been playing it and we have had success playing it throughout our lives and that should continue as long as you know what you are doing. For rookies it’s more about the mental part of knowing what you are doing so we can see exactly who you are.”

Running Back Doug Martin

(On what he expects for the preseason)

“Preseason? Well, we get to play against another team, so no (holding) back. We’re not playing against each other so that’s going to be fun.”

Safety D.J. Swearinger

(On being able to show he’s a hard-hitter more in games)

“Most definitely more than in practice. You want to hit, but you’ve got to protect your teammates. Saturday, a lot of guys will be able to see a lot of hitting and a lot of contact. I’m just ready to play real football.”

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