Does the Bucs’ roster lack talent?

A team’s roster is normally judged by wins. That’s a fair statement. But even teams with poor records have players that stand out more than their peers respectively. 

The word “elite” gets thrown around a lot and is often mixed in with the wrong groupings of players. You have your quarterbacks who will easily get appointed such a title and some running backs as well who then later fade away along with the position itself.

How about “blue-chip” players? These players make up a strong core of a wining football team as NFL Media’s Bucky Brooks describes them as blue-chippers. He mentions his scouting days with the Carolina Panthers and references former receiver Muhsin Muhammed as a “blue-chip” player, but only during their Super Bowl run.

Brooks goes on to put together a list of teams with blue-chippers — or difference-makers which did not include quarterbacks — on teams and compiles his own list of Top 10 teams with blue chip type players that make up a talented roster, which included the New York Jets ranked at No. 4 with six players and “one on the rise.”

But the Jets have struggled to win their fair share of games in recent seasons just like the Buccaneers. Do the Bucs not have that good of a roster to have anyone considered a blue-chipper?

You can perhaps make a case for a few: Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy, Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans. Maybe Johnthan Banks? Alterraun Verner? What about Clinton McDonald? Brooks labeled Seahawks’ defensive tackle Brandon Mebane as a blue-chipper yet Mebane only had one sack in the past two season. Certainly McDonald deserves the same level of praise.

Again, it’s all an opinion. But after looking at some players listed in Brooks’ article the Bucs could have several players mentioned as well.

This just proves how words like “elite” or the term “blue-chippers” are thrown around loosely and too often.

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5 Comments on Does the Bucs’ roster lack talent?

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Our Bucs have talent at certain positions. And our Fan base will see more this year. But we lack talent at some positions. Defensive End, Our punting last year fellow Buc fans was....nonexistent! And we desparately need a Kickoff/Kick returns man. We certainly lacked talent in the middle at linebacker.  And our O line has nowhere to go but..UP. Will we improve? Don't know. Like everybody else, I'm hoping...If we can show 25 to 50% improvement in the previously mentioned positions, Yes, we win considerably more games this year . What's considerably more? 8..maybe 9.

GilArciaTBC said : Guest Report one year ago

draper_robert It's based off the link withing the article. Not generalized.

draper_robert said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC do we need to ask that question? slow week I guess for the media.

harveyj088 said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC yes

PewterBleedin said : Guest Report one year ago

The Bucs do have talent. Poor record or not they have good players. Just like every other team with bad records. They have talent too. I saw theist Bucky used to defend the Jets at 4 and I have to say there is no way the Bucs players mentioned already like GMC and/or LVD don't compare. Joke of a list.

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