Dotson planning to hold out

Debating whether players should hold out or not is almost like talking religion or politics, everyone has an opinion to no end. But there shouldn’t even be a discussion when it comes to Bucs lineman Demar Dotson.  

After a report about both sides reaching an impasse, good friend Mark Cook of PewterReport.com revealed Dotson is prepared to hold out of summer practices.

Bucs starting right tackle Demar Dotson will not return to the Buccaneers until he has a new contract, sources told PewterReport.com on Tuesday evening. That includes this week’s OTA workouts at One Buc, and also the mandatory mini-camp slated for June 16-18. Dotson’s holdout could potentially drag on into training camp, sources tell PewterReport.com, although both sides most likely hope to avoid that scenario.

While both sides may be hoping it doesn’t drag out very long, the situation can also be avoided. The team doesn’t negotiate contracts with players who skip out on practices, like what Dotson is doing here.

While many would like to side with Dotson in this case, he has no leverage or valid reasons to do so. His play has been average — at best — and has been serviceable. Neither one of those descriptions warrant a player to seek out a new deal or hold out in this case.

We’ll see how much longer this truly drags out once Dotson starts getting fined from the team.

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3 Comments on Dotson planning to hold out

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

pfosterbucsfan8900 Relaxedmike  Yep..Kinda sad. These guys start listening to agents and others instead of playing there way into a great salary. I mean..Just how good can you be at 2-14? Dotson can pout and hold out  all he wants to. Our Bucs will hit the waiver wires and holler, Next man Up!!

pfosterbucsfan8900 said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike i couldnt agree more...He does deserve a little more...but hes not a pro bowl RT

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Lets keep it real here fellow Buc fans. Dotson has improved at tackle. He is middle of the road so to speak. He lead the O line in penalties last year though. Buc.Mngt  was scheduled to pay him 2,5 this year and..had another offer on the table which Dotson refused. Since then, the Bucs have taken back the money increase offer. Mr Dotson would be wise not to listen to his agent or whoever is in his ear and report to camp. If he does not?  I smell..an addition from another teams waiver wire in the mix.  Dotson is worth 3 mil a yr. He has improved but he's NOT a top tier lineman just yet!!

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