Emmanuel Ogbah and the Buccaneers

Emmanuel Ogbah sacks quarterback Jameis Winston in 2014.

Emmanuel Ogbah sacks quarterback Jameis Winston in 2014.

As the draft approaches we will begin to hear more and more names attached to teams as best fits. But we are still some time away from that as right now all you see are mock drafts full of constant changes and guesses. Basically a complete waste of time.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll come across a few outlets that have some draft info based on intel. This outlet is one of them.

Oklahoma State pass rusher Emmanuel Ogbah was a guest on PFT Live with Mike Florio. Ogbah was asked your obvious pre-draft based questions. When answering what he is looking forward to has April 30 draws near, Ogbah answered by saying he is scheduled to be visiting with two teams. One of them being the Bucs.

Many fans were excited to hear that the 22-year-old has a visit lined up with Tampa Bay. Mockers are mixed as they have him projected to go in the first or second round of the NFL Draft. But the interest the Bucs have in the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year is no secret. TBC learned about that interest in January.

With the Buccaneers selecting ninth overall and with their approach thus far in free agency, it’s a guessing game right now where the team goes. Will they draft a position of need? Will they trade up or down? Will they draft the best player available according to their boards? Could that be Ogbah? Perhaps not that early, but the stud out of Oklahoma State could find himself in pewter at some point in this year’s draft. (Read TBC’s draft breakdown of Ogbah right here, courtesy of our very own Kyle Marks.)

You can hear Ogbah’s entire interview below.

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