Evans looks ahead to a promising 2016 season

The Buccaneers offense has been a breath of fresh air throughout the 2015 season. Although young, the unit flourished under offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

The offensive side of the ball consisted of starter that featured two rookie linemen, a rookie quarterback and rookie wide receivers often. Despite the inexperience, Tampa Bay has managed to become a seventh ranked offense.

But with its success has come many challenges. Second-year receiver Mike Evans has come under a lot of heat this season for dropped passes throughout the year. Evans acknowledges those struggles that were that came with fighting through injuries and vows to improve next season.

“It has [been] a little bit up and down, but proud that I’ve maintained through it all and almost played every game,” Evans said. “That’s good, I guess, if you look at it that way, but I have to be better and I will be better. It’s my second year, I plan on playing in this league for a long time, as long as my body allows me, but I guess I’m proud to a degree.”

In 14 games this year, Evans has recorded his second 1,000-yard campaign in as many seasons. His 1,107 yards this season is already better than 2014 but Evans has fallen well short of matching his 12 touchdowns of a year ago.

Still, the game isn’t about personal accomplishments for Evans. Instead he cares about the team’s success above all else and sees a bright future with quarterback Jameis Winston.

“I don’t really care how I do personally as long as I make all my plays and just help this team win,” Evans said. “Two thousand-yard seasons, it is what it is. Anybody can do that. When I’ve got Jaboo [quarterback Jameis Winston] out here slinging the rock, I should’ve had way better numbers if we’re talking about that, but we’ll get to where we need to be next year, I feel like.”

The Buccaneers’ offense is on the right track. With a full offseason together, the arrow should continue to point up for the young group of potential stars.

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