Everyone in the organization is in “total agreement”

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht and head coach Lovie Smith had their pre-draft press conference on Monday from One Buc Place. Yes, the questions were mostly about the first overall pick.  

For some time now, TheBayCave.com has reported that the high level of the organization — Smith, Licht, and the Glazer family — have all been on the same page regarding the No. 1 pick. During his presser, Smith said he was fine with who they have right now and added that everyone else in the front office is as well.

“We’re in total agreement,” Smith said. Not just Jason and I, going back to the first pick of the draft, you bring more people involved to make sure we can all come to an agreement and that’s definitely the case.”

Several times throughout their pressers, both Smith and Licht continued to say how comfortable they are with their current position when questions regarding Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. Licht dated that comfort level back to the scouting combine in Indianapolis when they were already discussing who they had as a favorite.

“Going back all the way to Indy, we said we had a leader in the clubhouse. We still do,” Licht said. “If we had to pick today we’d feel very comfortable making the pick.

“Everyone in the organization feels very comfortable where we’re at.”

Licht would also add that everyone in the staff as well as the Glazer family are confident where the process has lead them as well as saying the ownership group is comfortable with their soon-to-be decision. That possibly discredits reports of a split on Winston at the top of the franchise.


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5 Comments on Everyone in the organization is in “total agreement”

vicbarney1 said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike vicbarney1  Only time will tell, but previous history gives me my insight and that isn't good in Tampa Bay! I'm just saying, don't win or build a winning franchise because then they'll FIRE you! p.s. Watch...

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

vicbarney1  ..You are right!!! But its all a gamble, And looking back thru NFL history, Most of the best QB's who ever played the game were not top 5 or top 10 picks!! Winston and Mariota have the tools. Winston may be more NFL ready than Mariota. But that means absolutely nothing. Mariota has Football smarts and will catch up in one or 2 seasons!! I'm happy with either. I just thought we make a huge impact by trading down and getting maybe 2 - 1st rders and an additional 2nd rder. But..That ain't happening. I do however have a good vibe about the upcoming season. We have a passionate OC who knows how to score points. Koetter will prove to be invaluable to our Bucs. Can't wait...GO BUCS!!!

vicbarney1 said : Guest Report one year ago

Well Buc fans, we're about to see if Winston can become the FIRST multi-super-bowl QB winner of his persuasion in NFL history, aren't we...

ProducingDave said : Guest Report one year ago

Phil_BucsLife GilArciaTBC Not everyone was on board with Winston. But as it plays out, they now are. Joel Glazer said he was comfy w/ JW.

Phil_BucsLife said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC Mariota!!! Not everybody was on board with Winston! Takes zero skill to be a draft expert.....

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