Follow-Up: Winston Smear Campaign Continues On

Back in January, the New York Times published a story that centered around the Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. The report referenced a meeting between the organization and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers regarding the potential selection of Winston. 

Here is what was said in that story.

Representatives of the sexual violence task force, however, have visited with members of the Tampa Bay front office. Asked about the prospect of the Bucs selecting Winston, the task force’s chairwoman, Amanda Brennan, said in a statement: “The larger issue is that there have been many allegations against Jameis Winston, yet there is no question that Jameis Winston will be chosen by an N.F.L. team to play next season. As an N.F.L. player, he is a role model for boys and young men across the country. The Sexual Violence Task Force of Tampa Bay would like to know that Jameis Winston will be expected to adhere to a strict standard of conduct.”

Since then, TheBayCave.com has made attempts to touch base with Brennan and her organization’s representatives to validate the story in her words. To this date, they have yet returned TBC’s requests for an interview. Same goes for the New York Times.

However, TBC also reached out to the Buccaneers and have been in constant communication with them regarding the report since. Without disclosing much information TBC has had with the team, the first time they have heard of such report was when I first made contact with them basically. And that was confirmed again as recent as this morning.

So what does that say about the report. Well, you can draw up your own conclusions. The New York Times has notoriously been covering the Jameis Winston case erroneously on many, many levels. Their fact-less and one-sided reporting has left many viewing the entire situation from just one angle. They have failed to include details of her side of the story being inconsistent, details from the nurse’s report, depositions from witnesses, and much more.

We do not know exactly where the task force stands in all this. TBC’s attempts included questions like who in the front office they can say they have met with and what “allegations” were they referring to. Also figured it would be important to see why this report differs from what we have learned through the team.

But the agenda is well-know. At this point it’s clear what’s going on.

With the release of the documentary The Hunting Ground set to be released in theaters everywhere this weekend, we have also tried to reach out to director Kirby Dick to ask him questions regarding Winston’s accuser Erica Kinsman. Why was her story different? Why was Winston the only one mentioned in the film and not the others who were accused of such crimes? Did they properly research the case before featuring and headlining her story?

Those are questions that should be answered. But like The New York Times and SVTF of Tampa Bay, the requests have been ignored.

As previously stated, draw up your own conclusions on what could possibly be going on. We don’t have the details, but we let it be known what we were looking for. The Buccaneers were more than willing to work with us. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for all others.

All this does is raise more questions on the narratives that have been wrongly and unjustifiably talked about for some time now.


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