Glazers simply expeditied the inevitable

Shocked. Surprised. Those are the popular adjectives used to describe how people have felt about the firing of head coach Lovie Smith. But the move was going to happen eventually.

Smith’s pride and joy was his defense and it is no secret it under performed all season. I have made constant reference to that throughout 2015 and ESPN’s Josina Anderson made reference to that Thursday morning as well, saying those within One Buc Place felt that way. Also what TheBayCave.com has been told.

People wanted Smith to have a third season to right the ship. It would have consisted of a third offseason of yet another defensive overhaul in as many years. It was setting up for another losing season so why wait? The Glazers didn’t.

That’s not saying that it’s the main reason for the firing. Or was it? TBC has hinted towards Lovie’s coaching performance being the potential downfall and Tampa Tribune’s Roy Cummings seconded that thought.

There was dysfunction within the defensive coaching staff. Not certain exactly if Lovie was asked to make changes or not, but the three coaches TBC reported two days ago as having disagreements are no longer on the staff. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is also out and as of right now, linebackers coach Hardy Nickerson and defensive line coach Joe Cullen — who sources say had a complaint filed against him by a prominent player but apparently does not matter as Cullen may stay. Times are changing at One Buc.

There will be no more of a coach with too much power overruling what scouts and the general manager bring in as players. There will be no more final say of the roster by a coach that dumps players the scouts bring in — which is their jobs. The roster will be built on pure scouting of players led by general manager Jason Licht who has a natural eye for talent.

Again, this was bound to happen. The timing may have thrown many off especially after holding a presser and his radio show, but still, it had to get done. And ownership just couldn’t wait any longer.

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SatchSeven1 said : Guest Report 7 months ago

too bad Winston is on this team else I would root for them to lose

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