Is Dallas trying to trade for Mike Glennon?

Everyone was pretty much in agreement that the draft would be the time that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade quarterback Mike Glennon. That time has come and gone and Glennon is still in pewter.

However, a recent report from Luke Rodgers of 247Sports suggests that the Dallas Cowboys have an offer to take Glennon away from the Bucs.

According to 247Sports insider Luke Rodgers, the Cowboys have a standing offer on the table for Glennon if the Buccaneers decide to trade him. Rodgers’ source informed him that the Cowboys attempted to trade for Glennon on draft day with the Bucs looking into their 2016 third-round pick and 2017 third-round pick.

While Rodgers claims that the Cowboys are set on an offer, Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas says there is no such offer.

It’s that time of year where there is not much to report on, unless you are seriously into OTA’s. Perhaps there is some validity to this, perhaps not. Bottom line, things from the Buccaneers’ end has been quiet and I expect it to remain that way.

Still, there is a lot of chatter for this to be “nothing” and before we can discredit the report in any way, Rodgers explains on the radio the said offer in detail even going as far as suggesting how he is friends with Glennon (check it out below, beginning at the 2:50 mark).

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