It’s time to siege control

I am not sure what all goes in behind close doors at One Buc Place. But I do know about Lovie Smith’s control of the roster and it’s time for that to change. 

Countless times the Buccaneers personnel staff has brought guys in. Of course they all do not work out but for some reason player’s production decreases under Smith while they excel or have excelled elsewhere. Doesn’t that say something?

From Alterraun Verner to George Johnson. From the kicking game to the run defense. Players and units have performed well before Lovie Smith and now, well, they are ghosts in pewter. Something has to give.

Many like to point the finger at general manager Jason Licht as well. Certainly he and Smith are tied to one another, but understand that Licht signs these players. Smith puts the team together. The former has done a better job. This coaching staff was put together by Smith. The team was finalized by Smith. So on and so on.

The staff is not preparing these players. Lovie Smith isn’t coaching these players. Lovie Smith left defensive end William Gholston in the game for 80 percent of Carolina’s offensive snaps on Sunday. And we all know what happens when Lovie Smith rarely plays his true starters.

Like some folks, I do agree the defense was given a short field to work with half the time against the Panthers. Rookie quarterback Jameis Winston’s interceptions were inexcusable but at the same time expected heading into the season. Rookie mistakes were going to be made. So with that said, why not better prepare the rest of the football team to be ready for games like this?

Because, Lovie Smith.

Why not turn right back around and give the offense a better field to work with? Why not put your offense in a better position to win games or just simply score points?

Because, Lovie Smith…

Next week, the Jacksonville Jaguars come in to town and play in a stadium Lovie Smith has yet to win it. After the loss in Houston and the way they lost to Carolina, can you honestly say this team can win any other game remaining on their schedule?

If the Jaguars come into Raymond James Stadium and beat the Buccaneers, changes have to be made. Changes to Smith and/or the coaching staff have to be made.

It’s time to siege control of Lovie’s power and his pawns.

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2 Comments on It’s time to siege control

Dan Forrest said : Guest Report 10 months ago

1st of all you guys let Lovie buffalo you into this  stupid pick, when Mariota  had a lot better stats. Do you raelize that Winston threw more pics in one game, than Mariota thew in his four years at college?  You  replace the kicker for bad play but you reward Winston. WTF?  $ picks one fumble your answer Fire the Kicker  (WHAT?) Why itn't he held to the same standards as the rest of the team?

Mark said : Guest Report 10 months ago

I am in a minority but I thought the team played well save for Jameis and Brindza. Defense was stout. We ran the football well. O-line wasn't perfect. Jameis was abysmal. So while I understand the vitriol towards Lovie, it is somewhat misguided.

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