“Jameis Winston Doesn’t Get It”

His latest legal move only adds to the thought that there is little redeeming in the timeline of actions for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers No. 1 pick, quarterback Jameis Winston.

No. You will not find an article like this on TBC. Instead, you will find it in the link sourced below courtesy of Jerry Barca of Forbes.

Barca states Jameis Winston “doesn’t get it” because he counter sued his accuser, Erica Kinsman. He claims this is a bad look on the 21-year-old rookie quarterback adding that the suit is an attack on the accuser.

Kinsman, who has told multiple versions of her story and once tried to extort Winston for $7-million, could easily be the one attacking Winston. But of course not. No one would think of that because she is “the victim” since she is the accuser.

That’s what is wrong with society. That is what’s wrong this picture. We are blinded by this notion of feeling sorry for someone without going through and doing the proper research. It’s an unfortunate part of a world we live in. A politically correct world.

The full article, brimming with transgressions that has already been talked about ad nauseam, is linked below. But be warned, perhaps Barca is the one that “doesn’t get it.”

Source: Jameis Winston Doesn’t Get It

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10 Comments on “Jameis Winston Doesn’t Get It”

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

lgbarn Relaxedmike  Nowhere in my text did I insult your intelligence there sir. Unless YOu are..imagining it. I won't back off from my opinion. Yes, settlement is a viable option for him.

lgbarn said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike You don't agree with me so try to insult my intelligence...nice. Nothing good comes from settling the case. He is in the public eye so even that gets scrutiny. If it were me or some normal person...settlement is an easy call.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

lgbarn Relaxedmike  I can see you are not familiar with civil cases in the least. Clearing his name in a civil case? OK so he's got a...50/50 chance..Good luck with that. He's gonna need that luck and then some.

lgbarn said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike No way would I settle for something I didn't do. Fight it until it clears your name. He has the resources so why not. Look at all the idiots clogging up his twitter account or any article written about him. If it wasn't for the rape accusation, no one would care about BB guns or crab legs.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

lgbarn  Did it or not, these civil cases do and can linger in the courts indefinitely. Especially if she has a....spin atty. And that's what a lot of attys try to do. The longer its drawn out, the better for the plaintiff. Sure, he can fight it in.definitely. But  is that what's good for him? I would think the case affects him whether he says it does or not. Any court case takes its toll on you. His atty's just might see how little this woman will settle with. And a settlement does not pronounce guilt. It just settles the case once and for all. This might be Winston's best solution so he can concentrate 100% on football.

lgbarn said : Guest Report one year ago

I you didn't do it then you fight it. Hard to believe anyone could fault him for that.

TheShaz said : Guest Report one year ago

This is a classic case of lazy journalism. The fact that James is counter suing is old news. This "writer" has mentally found Jameis guilty and has proceeded from there. The best thing for Jameis right now is Deflategate, the tabloid media is all over that. But Jamie's fans take note. He will have to carry the baggage of the alligation until he is a proven winner in the NFL. That will take time and patience.

vicbarney1 said : Guest Report one year ago

LOSERS PRODUCE LOSERS! I became a Tampa Bay fan when by personal friend Greg Spires played on the Tampa Bay Defense and soon after came our Super bowl win I knew then that Tampa Bay was just another LOSING franchise geared to make our Marxist5 leaders richer and US absolutely  "BROKE!" It's all OVER folks! No? Watch...

Kevin Heid said : Guest Report one year ago

I am not sure that I agree with his line of thinking. The only way the counter make sense is if he simply did not do it and refuses to let his name get drug through the dirt. We to go Jamies.....

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

I sorta/kinda got this feeling..After its all said and done, and this thing lingers in the courts forever..Winston's attys just compromise and  and say, enoughs enough. They pay this accuser a small fee..wiping the slate clean with records secure and no guilt finding. After all, it appears she is after..Money. Then Winston can concentrate on being the QB..we want him to be.

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