Jets, Bucs continue to be linked

This is like the 2013 season all over again but with different regimes and different players involved in trade speculation so if you’re hoping for Darrelle Revis‘ name in here, move along.

It’s been long reported that the Buccaneers may be moving backup quarterback Mike Glennon. Although the team thinks highly of him, general manager Jason Licht recently revealed that they have in fact had discussions with teams on dealing Glennon.

“We’re open to discuss things, we have been open, we’ve been talking to a lot of teams,” Licht said on PFT Live. “That’s dwindled now to a few teams. We’re still talking.”

One of those few teams is the New York Jets. In several sightings stemming from the Jets own website back in 2013 to as recently as NFL.com on Tuesday, the link between the former NC State product and New York’s AFC version of football has been talked about often. But the latest with defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson continues to be a topic of discussion and just like in 2013 when there were rumors of a Bucs-Revis marriage, this has the same feel to some degree.

As our friends over at Joe Bucs Fan put it, it would be difficult to imagine that Licht and the Buccaneers would let Glennon go for practically nothing. A package to trade for Wilkerson could make up for their loss given the love and admiration for the 26-year-old signal caller. There’s just too much smoke here to ignore.

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6 Comments on Jets, Bucs continue to be linked

jhoneycutt9193 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave can we then trade Wilkerson to a 3-4 team for picks and a de that plays 4-3?

Pickett971 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave to much money could get another first round DT for way cheaper that's what Wilkerson would be in 4-3 base

LoveYouSomeTwan said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC nfltrade_rumors I mean it sounds good but I think the money stalls the situation.

Architek79 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC I agree Gil - there's simply too much "smoke" or "noise" not to watch the situation evolve. Plus the Jets want a experience QB.

MaGiC_BuCs_OD said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave hope it happens not only for my bucs but for glennon I think jets is the perfect fit for him.

rsw4224 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC called that one in my madden franchise. Hopefully a 3rd rounder will just do

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