Koetter: Comparing present to past is unhealthy

There was a lot of wrong during the Lovie Smith era. Players that should have been playing were instead on the bench, dysfunction within the staff, defensive schemes were being eaten up by opposing offenses and coaches were being outcoached — specifically the head coach.

Players have spoken out about the excitement and optimism that fills the air since the head coaching change. Whether on social media or during interviews, several have referenced the difference in this year compared to last and this season hasn’t even started. But comparing both seasons is something head coach Dirk Koetter does not want his players doing.

Sitting just one row in front and to the right of TBC at Monday’s presser was our friends at JoeBucsFan.com who asked Koetter about the players comparing the current defensive meetings to last year’s. The first-year head coach responded by saying it is an unhealthy thing to do.

“I’ll encourage the players as we go that it doesn’t do us any good to compare stuff in the past. That’s not healthy for us in any way,” Koetter said. “We’re a team that needs to move forward and we need to look forward. So anything comparing what happened in the past, that’s not really healthy for us and doesn’t do us any good in any way.”

Koetter is right. Thinking of the past two seasons under Lovie Smith can certainly land someone in the hospital. The debacle was unbelievable and if it weren’t for quarterback Jameis Winston and running back Doug Martin on offense, who knows how the team would have ended their 2015 campaign.

It is best that the team moves forward and not mention the previous nightmare. There is resounding energy floating throughout One Buc Place. It should stay that way.

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