Koetter talks Winston’s progression during rookie season

Many debated how Jameis Winston’s first season in the NFL would play out when 2015 kicked off and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers handed the keys over to him. While Winston’s rookie campaign progressed rather nicely, it still included some ups and downs.

It was a slow start for Winston, throwing seven interceptions in his first four games. He would quickly turn things around lower that number to just two interceptions in the following six games.

Appearing on the Talk of Fame Sports Network, head coach Dirk Koetter talked about what his young signal caller did to quickly improve on the early struggles.

“The knock on Jameis coming out of college was that he would dig his team into a hole by turning it over too much and through a lot of nice plays by him and the players around him at Florida State they were able to come back and get a lot of wins. But we were constantly preaching to Jameis through the OTAs last year and through the preseason that in the NFL it’s not like that. If you turn the ball over, you won’t be able to recoup it. We got off to a rough start — seven interceptions in those first [four] games and I think Jameis had a meeting with himself and if you ask him what the number one thing was that he learned, he learned that you have to be careful with the football. Give him credit. He did a good job of that as the season went on.”

There aren’t many 21-year-old quarterbacks that can come in and be as successful as Winston was during his rookie year while not having what is considered the Top 3 receiving targets for the Buccaneers throughout the majority of the 2015 season. But Winston exceeded expectations because of the success he has had at every level of football he has played.

In the segment, Koetter adds that the team would limit Winston less in 2016 and allow him to have more control of the offense. You can hear the interview in its entirety below.


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