Lavonte David’s stats validate how bad Bucs’ defense was

AR-151229580-1Former head coach Lovie Smith was supposed to bring defensive dominance to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Instead, he turned an already bad defense into an even worse one.

Many refused to believe this but it was true. The “defensive minded” Smith brought more aggravation than success. His personnel decisions, his lineups, his playcalling and his scheme left many frustrated in and out of the organization. Then there is also how he utilized his players.

Via Twitter, a man who has covered the Buccaneers for decades, Ira Kaufman,  posted a statistic which proves just how bad Smith’s defense was because of how he used players for the past two seasons as he was running the team (into the ground).

It’s pathetic but it is reality. Some will say that kind of failure is on the player but when he has had success previously and sees his numbers fade — in two years under a coach who is now in the college ranks — that is on the system installed by the head coach, not the player.

You can say the same for other players, like Alterraun Verner, who was once a Pro Bowler before Smith brought him into Tampa Bay. However, all that can change now with a more competent coaching staff who will be putting players in position to be successful. A concept the previous coach couldn’t figure out.

[h/t Joe Bucs Fan]

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