Lovie talks Evans, Winston, and Monday night

Bucs head coach Lovie Smith had his day after game press conference Tuesday and one of the big things he hit on was the hamstring injury to Mike Evans. Here are some quotes from the transcript of Smith’s presser.

(On whether he anticipates that any of the stated injuries will keep players out of Saturday’s game)
“Yes. I know right now that Mike Evans probably won’t play anymore the rest of the preseason. We’ll probably keep him out. Hamstring – you guys know how I am about the hamstrings. It takes a while (to heal). Beyond that, Leonard Johnson’s injury, he might miss a little bit of time also. Beyond that, everybody should be good.”

(On whether he anticipates any of the time off for injuries extending into the regular season)
“I won’t go that far. I know he (Evans) is not going to play this week. Leonard and Mike will not be playing this week. The rest of our guys should be good. Evan Smith didn’t play in the game, he should be good to go. Again, we should have a light practice tomorrow and most of those guys should be out there then.”

(On whether holding wide receiver Mike Evans out is precautionary)
“Just so we know each other, if a guy has that hamstring injury, he’s going to be out a while. So, significant, how long – I could have come up here and said (Evans is) day-to-day, which most people do for hamstring injuries. It doesn’t work like that. He injured his hamstring, he’s not going to play this week, probably won’t play the following week. We’ll take every precaution with hamstrings, always, with me.”

(On whether there is still more to see from Winston this preseason)
“Oh, yes. We took steps last night, but there’s still a lot of – he’s still an inexperienced quarterback and there are a lot of things he would like to see. When you’re a football junkie, you’re not, he’s not wanting, even last night he wanted to stay in the game. He was having a lot of fun. So, yes, Jameis will continue to play this preseason.”

(On if there were any issues for quarterback Jameis Winston when playing under center)
“Yes, there were. I think his feet might have gotten tangled up with Jeremiah’s maybe a couple of times. That had a little bit to do with it. That’s why I say we’re not (Tennessee-ready) yet. It’s tough when you’ve been working with (center) Evan (Smith) throughout and right before the game, the day before the game, ‘Hey, you’re going to be going with another guy.’ (Winston and Warren) haven’t had a lot of time together, so you expect some of those things, but it should be smoother if we would have to go that way. We shouldn’t have to go that way, but if we have to go that way next time, it should be better.”

(On if Winston stared down his receivers in the first preseason game and if he improved against Cincinnati)
“I think you can say that about most quarterbacks early in camp. Your first preseason game, especially a guy when it’s your first – I know you can say that about a rookie’s first game. They look at their receivers. The second step is to look off, (that’s) not the first step. We understand that he’ll only get better and better with that, but again, he knows what he’s supposed to do and all those things like that we will see improvement daily from.”

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