Mike Evans looks to build off his rookie campaign

Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans fell short of winning NFL Rookie of the Year honors last season. This season, he is focused on bigger things. 

“I set goals. Not statistical goals, but what I can do as far as team goals and goals that can’t be measured on stats, Evans said. “I do stuff like rookie of the year last year. I came up short on that. This year I want to be a Pro Bowler, things like that. I want to make the playoffs. Those are my two main goals right now.”

In order to achieve those goals Evans focused on a stronger offseason and learning a new offense with a new coordinator.

“This time last year I was coming off a lot of visits,” said Evans. “I didn’t work out much and it caused me to strain my hamstring the first day of (offseason team activities). I wasn’t training or anything like that. I wasn’t in shape. Now, I’m in shape and I’m ready to go.

“We have a new offensive coordinator (Dirk Koetter). He’s a real smooth guy. He’s going to get his playmakers the ball. I picked-up on the offense. We are doing well just going out there. The offense is coming to us real quick and it’s going to be fun. The offseason was great. With three, four months off, my body healed up and I’m ready to go.”

Throwing to him will be No. 1 draft pick Jameis Winston. Evans tried to give off the impressions no one is sure Winston will be the starter, but did admit he has watched his game.

“You don’t know if he’ll be throwing to us for sure, but he is the No. 1 pick. He’s a great player and I watched him throughout his college career. He can hang in that pocket and deliver the ball. Being in that position last year, my mind was spinning and going crazy. It’s an exciting time though and he should enjoy it and come ready to work next week.”

Evans and the rest of the Buccaneers will have their first full team workouts beginning May 28. Surely Evans will be receiving passes from Winston then.

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3 Comments on Mike Evans looks to build off his rookie campaign

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

pfosterbucsfan8900 Something was not right for sure. But we gotta get more out of our punting game this year. Its critical. Hope we bring in some competition at this position. I'll be on the lookout!!

pfosterbucsfan8900 said : Guest Report one year ago

Lol. You are right about the punter. Not sure how he went from being a pretty solid punter... To horrible. Can't wait for season to start.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Definitely one of our bright spots last season. He will have no fall off and will only get better. Now what we gonna do about getting a better Punter??!!

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