NFL Draft Breakdown: Clemson’s Grady Jarrett

Grady Jarrett, Defensive Tackle, University of Clemson 

Height: 6’1″ (From Combine)
Weight: 304 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Get Off – B-
Short Area Quickness – C
Reaction – C
Strength – B-
Leverage – C+
Disruption – C
Instincts – C
Overall Current Grade – C+ 7.5
Overall Ceiling Grade – B

Get off, short area quickness and reactionary skills:

Jarrett has tremendous get off and explodes out of his stance. Jarrett reacts to the snap well and given his lack of overall length, it’s a must for him to have success. Jarrett displays the ability to regularly beat his man off the snap and given his short stature mixed with the quick get off, a 1-gap scheme would be Jarrett’s best fit.

Jarrett displays above average short area quickness and takes good angles to the ball. Jarrett is very light on his feet and shows good change of direction.

Jarrett goes full throttle each snap and is adequate when asked to read and react to the play post snap. Jarrett is able to rush up the field and ride off a blocker upon reading the run. When engaged, Jarrett will struggle with secondary moves and tends to get locked up instead of moving to secondary moves and disengaging.

Strength, leverage and hand usage:

Jarrett is a ball of muscle and it is fully functional on the field. Jarrett gives lineman a great initial punch off the snap and jars his man back. Jarrett does a good job getting on the move and converting that speed to power as well.

Grady Jarrett already is low to the ground thanks to his height and he does a solid job using that to his advantage. Jarrett bends well and shows good flexibility when splitting gaps. Jarrett will struggle at times due to his length disadvantage and gets flattened upright.

Jarrett uses his hands well though he is not violent with hand moves. Jarrett relies mostly on good hand placement inside the body of offensive lineman instead of rips and swipes. When engaged in close combat Jarrett will struggle thanks to that lack of length and offensive lineman are able to control him at the point of attack.

Disruption and instincts:

Jarrett does not cause a lot of disruption and most of his work is put in as a lineman eater. Jarrett will reach the backfield at times but has struggled to finish with sacks on the quarterback. Jarrett does defend the run well and will shoot his gap to make the stop at the line. A workhorse of a tackle, giving full effort each snap. Stamina will be an issue as Jarrett will wear down quickly if asked to play a high number of snaps.

Jarrett shows about average instincts, falling in the slightly below average against the pass and above average against sniffing out the run and finding the ball. Jarrett plays the run very naturally and is a “try hard” pass rusher. Rushing just doesn’t come naturally for him.

Where Grady Jarrett Struggles:

Jarrett simply struggles against lengthy lineman. If he doesn’t win with his get off and quickness, Jarrett will often get held up at the line. Jarrett has shown the ability to take on blockers and eat up two lineman to free up opportunities for other players and that may be his best spot in the NFL. Jarrett also lacks the elite pass rush skills you look for, he simply wont be a big sack guy. While Jarrett shows good get off and short area quickness, he doesn’t possess good overall speed or closing speed. Jarrett needs to improve on his overall pass rush techniques and with the work, could become a respectable threat inside as a rusher.

Where does Grady Jarrett potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

The Buccaneers signed Henry Melton to a 1-year deal and have Akeem Spence backing up Clinton McDonald at the nose. Jarrett would provide an upgrade over Spence as he provides a better spark and can potentially play both the nose and under tackle positions. The Tampa 2 is a 1-gap scheme that fits Jarrett perfectly. Jarrett’s ability to shoot the gap and get off the snap in a hurry fits what the Buccaneers look for in their defensive tackles.

Overall Jarrett comes in at a 7.5 which puts him in the late second to early 3rd round range for me. Jarrett should be able to provide immediate help as a rotational tackle and should continue to develop into a solid starter down the line.

Short Term Outlook:

Year one contributor as a solid run stopper with limited pass rush potential.

Long Term Outlook:

Good starter that will be a solid companion for a premier pass rusher.

Draft Prediction:
3rd round pick.

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