NFL Draft Breakdown: Florida State’s Josue Matias

Josue Matias, Offensive Guard, Florida State University  

Height: 6’5″ (From Combine)
Weight: 309 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Footwork – C
Hand Usage – C-
Awareness – C+
Strength and Leverage – C+
Run Blocking – C-
Pass Blocking – C+
Consistency – C-
Overall Current Grade – C-
Overall Ceiling Grade – B-

Footwork and movement skills:

Matias is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to his footwork. Matias will initially set up well and get his feet in position. Upon engaging, Matias does a good job churning his feet throughout contact which you like to see. Issues begin to show up when Matias is asked to move in space and get up-field. Matias is very heavy footed despite an athletic build. When dealing with counter moves, Matias struggles to reset his feet quick enough and tends to rely on length over foot quickness to defend the moves.

On the move Matias is about average. Matias doesn’t possess great athleticism at the position nor does he possess elite strength inside. Matias relies much more on his technique than his overall athleticism and it shows in his lack of mobility despite his relative good shape. Matias does a good job identifying his matchups and in pass protections shows good movement when kicking back but it’s the lateral movements that get him in trouble. In the run game, Matias again relies on length to set his blocks over good hip snap and controlled movements.

Strength, hands and Leverage:

Matias does not possess brute strength and in turn you will rarely see him take over a snap and drive his man off the ball in the run game. Matias at the point of attack does not display the power and man-handling skill set that I look for in a guard. Instead it’s again about using his length which is still an important factor. Matias is built like a tackle despite playing inside and that length is used well by him. When it comes to his strength, that’s just an area that he will need to improve on as he enters an NFL weight program.

Matias does good work with his hands and his length is a tremendous asset here. Matias gets good extension with his arms and regularly keeps his hands inside the jersey. Matias at times gets in trouble with lunging at a defender and this is due to his heavy reliance on that length over power.

Leverage is an area that Matias uses decently but not to his fullest extent. In the run game Matias does not get the hip snap into his push that you’d like and will get a it to upright. You’d like to see more bend in the knees and stay under the defenders pads but instead, it’s often the defender getting up under Matias. With some work, this is an area that if Matias can correct a few things it would go a long way with his success in run blocking. Against the pass Matias anchors well and does a good job using his length again to his advantage, keeping the defender at bay. His tendency to lunge at times and lose leverage is noted though as inside moves have been an issue for Matias.

Where Josue Matias Struggles:

His lack of power at the point of attack needs to be addressed. Whether it’s through adding strength in the weight room or coaching up some aggression, something needs to change there. Matias needs to get better at fighting off counter moves and inside rushes as these have been consistent issues for Matias. The consistent reliance on lunging out at defenders won’t fly in the NFL, Matias will have to discipline himself and get in better position and use his length correctly.

Where does Josue Matias potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

Matias is not a player that I see as a candidate to start early on for a team like the Buccaneers. Matias would serve very well as a developmental guard behind Logan Mankins for a year while learning the nuances of the position in the NFL. Matias could come in and along with last years rookie guard, Kadeem Edwards, fight to compete for a future role on the line.

Overall, Matias comes in with a final grade of 7.1. Matias is not as advanced a blocker as teammate Tre’ Jackson. This grade puts him in the late 3rd round range for me and he’ll most likely be a 4th round pick.

Short Term Outlook:

Developmental player that lacks the skill set to come in and start effectively day one.

Long Term Outlook:

Potential starter down the road in years 2-3. Reliable pass protector that must develop better run blocking technique to have success in a starting role.

Draft Prediction:

4th Round pick.

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