NFL Draft Breakdown: Florida’s Chaz Green

Chaz Green, Offensive Tackle/Offensive Guard, University of Florida 

Height: 6’5″ (From Combine)
Weight: 314 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Footwork – C
Hand Usage – C-
Awareness – C
Strength and Leverage – C-
Run Blocking – D
Pass Blocking – D+
Consistency – C-
Overall Current Grade – D+
Overall Ceiling Grade – C+

Footwork and movement skills:

Chaz Green shows good initial footwork and foot quickness. When asked to reset Green struggles and when engaged, Green will lose his base and tend to get off balance. You don’t see the good mirroring skills in his footwork and when pushing pocket out in the run game, Green tends to cement his feet in place instead of churning them to generate power.

When moving, Green is a mixed bag of results. Green gets to his point well but once engaged, the movement stops. When moving laterally Green struggles to keep up with counter moves and good speed off the edge. He’ll lose balance regularly from not keeping his feet under him.

Strength, hands and Leverage:

Green doesn’t generate enough power when run blocking and it’s stemming from a combination of things. Green appears to lack the functional strength you look for in a starting lineman at this point in time. Green also struggles with hip snap which is a big player in gaining the advantage over his opponent at the point of attack. Green could use some added strength to his upper body to help combat on the right side of the line.

Green shows  decent handwork in pass protection but below average placement in both aspects of blocking. Green keeps his hands low which makes it hard to control his man. Green doesn’t give a good punch at the point of attack which allows edge defenders to get into his body.

Green plays with poor leverage and this stems from his poor base and lack of lower body movement. Green leans into defenders instead of driving into them. Against the run this has been a major issue as defenders are able to get off the block with some regularity. Green isn’t getting up under the defenders pads and is instead the one getting straightened up. Green lacks consistent bend to combat against the speed rush off the end. Green may be best suited on the interior of the offensive line but either way, he will have to work with better leverage and show more functional strength.

Where Chaz Green Struggles:

Chaz Green must improve on his functional strength, in particular with his upper body. Green needs to show better punch in his arms and better hip snap. Little things like this are a must for a player that is struggling as a run blocker. Green needs to incorporate better hand placement and leverage into his game to have any success in the NFL. Green has much to work on but shows the willingness to do so.

Green will have a long road towards becoming a starter and it will begin with these smaller items. Green more than anything needs to find a way to stay healthy, health was a consistent issue at the University of Florida and if you’re constantly hurt, you can’t work on the physical part of the game. Mentally, Chaz Green is ready.

Where does Chaz Green potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

The Buccaneers need depth on the offensive line and versatility is always a bonus. Green offers a lineman that has played both tackle spots at Florida and has the athleticism to play inside or outside. Green is very head smart and understands the different responsibilities at each position which is what makes him so versatile. Whether at guard or tackle, Green could offer a developmental prospect that can fill multiple roles.

Overall, Green comes in at a 6.8 for me grade wise. Green is a developmental player right now with a good amount of work needing to be done but he has the athleticism that should allow the rest to be grown into.

Short Term Outlook:

Developmental prospect.

Long Term Outlook:

Backup tackle with low end starter potential inside in years 2,3,4.

Draft Prediction:

5th-6th round pick.

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