NFL Draft Breakdown: Iowa’s Brandon Scherff

Brandon Scherff, Offensive Guard, University of Iowa  

Height: 6’5″ (From Combine)
Weight: 319 lbs (From Combine)
Year: rSr

Trait Notes:
Footwork – C+
Hand Usage – C+
Awareness – B
Strength and Leverage – B
Run Blocking – B
Pass Blocking – C+
Consistency – B-
Overall Current Grade – B- 
Overall Ceiling Grade – A

Footwork and movement skills:

Scherff tends to stand on his heels a bit too much for my liking which can be an issue against outside speed. When you play on your heels you lose some mobility and reaction time versus playing up on your “toes” or the balls of your feet as it’s commonly said. Scherff does have surprisingly light feet in general and moves into position well, getting his feet set early. The heels come back into play from time to time for him as Scherff will anchor in and stop churning his lower half which is something he should be able to correct in the long run.

Scherff displays good movement skills and if/when he moves inside to guard in the NFL, he will transition with a dominant base skill set. While most potential guards in this draft class struggle a good bit with balance and controlling their movements, this isn’t the case for Scherff as he’s very controlled and gets the engine going without reckless abandonment. Scherff isn’t a dynamic athlete in space by any stretch, he understands space and changes direction smoothly for a man of his size. Scherff does a good job managing his body as he moves, wastes little movement which helps make up for his lack of overall explosiveness. Out of his stance, Scherff does a good job moving to position and setting up the block. Scherff takes good angles when moving laterally and getting to the second level in the run game. Against the pass you will see Scherff sometimes get a little tight in the kick step and this makes him susceptible to the counter move and straight line speed off the edge.

Strength, hands and Leverage:

Scherff would come in as the strongest of the guards and all of his brute strength appears to be fully functional on the field. Scherff is one weight room warrior that takes it onto the field with him and uses it often. Scherff will rely on strength over speed and technique at times which again is a part of why a move to guard would highly benefit him. Scherff is a mauler in the run game and uses his strong upper body to match his good hip snap and leg power.

Scherff has good strong hands but doesn’t stay technically sound with his hand usage. Scherff will tend rely on strength and punch versus getting his hands on the defender and locking him in. At times Scherff’s hands will get wide and he does struggle from time to time with sticking onto blocks in the second level.

Scherff doesn’t have the greatest knee bend but he does do a very good job keeping a straight back. An area of concern with Scherff as a tackle is his lower half tightness, this is a major part of Scherff’s struggles with knee bend and with that issue, combating speed off the edge could become a problem. Inside at guard this issue is minimized and again reiterates why Scherff is the top guard prospect in this draft.

Where Brandon Scherff Struggles:

As briefly stated, Scherff could use some work loosening up his lower half and working on getting up onto the balls of his feet to help with his movements. Scherff needs to work a bit on technique to help alleviate all the stress he puts on himself by relying on brute strength and in the end, this could send him into the elite prospect level.  Scherff’s pass blocking is not where it can be and working on his lower half, hand placement and overall technique would do wonders for it.

Where does Brandon Scherff potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

Scherff is the top guard and offensive guard happens to be one of the Buccaneers biggest issues offensively behind that Quarterback position. Scherff offers flexibility and versatility for the team with his experience at tackle and his skill set should he move to guard as many have suggested. Scherff could offer help at right tackle or right guard year one while growing and learning on the job. Scherff is a sure thing to start day one.

Overall, Scherff comes in at a 8.1 overall and is my top guard prospect. Scherff is the only guard to receive a first round grade for me this year.

Short Term Outlook:

Day one starter in any blocking scheme.

Long Term Outlook:

Long term starter with pro bowl potential at the position. Scherff should be a top 5-10 guard after a few short seasons.

Draft Prediction:

First Round pick.

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