NFL Draft Breakdown: Miami’s Anthony Chickillo

Anthony Chickillo, Defensive End, University of Miami 

Height: 6’3″ (From Combine)

Weight: 267 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Get Off – C+
Explosion – C
Hand Usage – C+
Leverage – C
Bend – C+
Closing Speed – C
Block Shedding – C+
Functional Strength – B-
Tackling – B-
Overall Current Grade – C 7.5
Overall Ceiling Grade – B-

Get off, leverage and bend.

Chickillo has about average get off. Chickillo rarely wins outright off the snap and prefers contact to use his strength versus relying on speed. Chickillo is not a quick twitch athlete off the edge and was not asked to be at all in Miami’s scheme. Chickillo played the role of holding the point and playing the run. In High School Chickillo dominated at the point of attack and was able to overpower just about everyone he faced, as he ascended to the college ranks Chickillo never seemed to develop the speed part of his game.

Chickillo plays with decent leverage but again relies heavily on strength versus getting and staying low and driving up under the lineman. Chickillo does play well using leverage at first contact but doesn’t stress that same leverage when driving into the backfield.

Chickillo shows solid knee bend and flexibility. When he is able to pin the ear back and get after the quarterback he shows the ability to set the edge and flip inside. Chickillo shows very little in the form of turning the corner off the edge, part of that could be it’s a struggle for him but I lean towards it being more of he is just more comfortable winning straight up with his shoulders square to the quarterback and overpowering his man off the edge. Because of Chickillo’s current tendencies, he’s best suited as a strong side end.

Hand usage, movement, strength and ability to get off blocks.

Chickillo shows powerful hands but is very inconsistent with his use of them. Chickillo doesn’t have particularly good hand placement and gets a bit sloppy with it. Chickillo needs to get his hands inside more often to help control the body of the lineman, if worked on this could help Chickillo drastically as a pass rusher since he already has plenty good strength.

As talked about above, Chickillo is not a quick twitch athlete. He moves well enough off the edge and makes up for his lack of elite athleticism with plenty of hustle and hard work. Chickillo shows good short area movements and can slip inside to stop the ball carrier and does a very good job tracking the run and setting himself up to make the stop at the line with subtle movements and flips of the hip.

Strength is Chickillo’s biggest asset. Chickillo shows NFL strength at defensive end and sets the edge well against the run. Chickillo anchors as well as any defensive end in this draft and gets a good push with his lower half. Chickillo has an NFL work ethic in the weight room and it fully shows in games. The functional strength to play the position is all there. When defending the run you will regularly see Chickillo push up under the lineman’s chest and get them on their heels, he is NFL ready to defend the run.

Chickillo getting off blocks is a mixed bag of tricks. Chickillo does a good job keeping his eyes on the ball and when riding the lineman towards the play does a good job getting off the block and making the stop. Chickillo lacks good arm length and relies again on strength and power to free himself of blockers. When rushing the pass Chickillo struggles to separate himself from the blocker. Chickillo is not a double team beater and lacks the natural pass rushing moves to get the quarterback when engaged. This is where Chickillo I believe can really take off with proper coaching in the NFL. With some extra technique and pass rush moves Chickillo should be able to turn into a decent pass rusher while being a stout run defender.

Closing speed, pursuit and tackling.

Chickillo doesn’t have game changing closing speed and that isn’t just going to magically get better, it’s just not who he is. Chickillo can collapse the pocket from his end and allow the players around him to feast. When Chickillo does get to the quarterback it’s more off effort than him exploding into the ball.

Chickillo won’t win many battles in pursuit due to his playing speed, instead it will be thanks to his relentlessness which is one of his best qualities. Chickillo will not give up on the play and will not stop battling during a snap. Chickillo is a gamer in it’s truest form in this area.

Chickillo is a good tackler and his strength comes through in full force here. Chickillo consistently hits and drops ball carriers with relatively few broken tackles coming off his hits.

Where does Anthony Chickillo need to improve?

Chickillo needs to improve his hand placement a good amount and this is a very teachable element of the game. Chickillo also needs to learn how to better use his body and learn some pass rushing moves. At this point, Chickillo is a bull rusher with violent but poorly placed hand usage. With some good coaching there is no reason to believe he can’t improve both of these areas. Athletically, Anthony Chickillo is what he is and that’s fine because there are other areas to improve on that someone with his work ethic should be able to conquer.

Where does Anthony Chickillo fit with the Bucs?

The Buccaneers recently signed traded for George Johnson and already have William Gholston and Jaquies Smith among others at defensive end. Chickillo would add some more youth to that rotation while bringing a stout run defender to the group. Chickillo will not be a premium pick and has some room for growth that could be appealing to this Buccaneer team. Chickillo is a true 4-3 strongside defensive end and could be a value pick with solid payoff down the road.

Overall, Chickillo comes in at a 7.5 on my scale and should be a 3rd to 4th round pick. The Buccaneers need good role players and starters with a hard working attitude to add true depth to this roster which is exactly what a guy like Chickillo would bring to the team.

Short Term Outlook:

Year one run stopper as a rotational end.

Long Term Outlook:

Potential starter with decent pass rushing upside. Work ethic should allow him to shine and reach full potential.

Draft Prediction:
4th round selection.

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BucsRebuit said : Guest Report one year ago

Would be a wasted pick. Bucs pass rush is about speed off the edge.

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