NFL Draft Breakdown: Miami’s Ereck Flowers

Ereck Flowers, Offensive Tackle, University of Miami 

Height: 6’6″ (From Combine)
Weight: 329 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Jr

Trait Notes:
Footwork – C+
Hand usage – C
Awareness – C
Strength and Leverage – B
Run Blocking – B
Pass Blocking – C
Consistency – C+
Overall Current Grade – C+ 
Overall Ceiling Grade – A-

Footwork and movement skills:

Ereck Flowers has very quick and fluid feet for a man of his size. Flowers shows the foot quickness to mirror in pass protection and does a good job keeping his feet moving when run blocking. The downside with Flowers feet is his actual foot placement as it is very inconsistent and choppy. Flowers doesn’t keep a wide base and his feet tend to get very close together causing balance and resetting issues.

Flowers has good movement skills and matched with his quick feet, shows the ability to recover quickly when beaten in pass protection. Flowers shines moving in the run game where he’s able to dominant his man with both his strength and athleticism. Against the pass, Flowers is a work in progress but his movement skills give reason to believe he’ll get past it with good coaching.

Strength, hands and Leverage:

Flowers is a powerhouse in the run blocking game where he utilizing very impressive upper body strength. Flowers shows good hip snap and leg drive when run blocking and wins early and throughout in the run the game.  When pass blocking Flowers gets into some trouble but it’s a technical issue, not a strength issue.

Flowers has some of the worst hand placement of the top lineman in the draft. To go along with the poor placement, Flowers lacks the arm extension and strong punch that you like to see out of your tackles. Flowers tends to flail the hands about instead of driving them into his opponents chest. Flowers will also struggle with getting his hands wide on the opponents chest which makes for easy penalties if he hangs on.

Leverage is a surprising strong suit for Flowers despite his height. Flowers shows the ability to regularly stay low out of the snap and bend the knees. Flowers shows good bend when battling against speed rushers trying to turn the edge. As stated, Flowers has issues at times with balance but this isn’t for lack of leverage.

Where Ereck Flowers Struggles:

Flowers must improve his footwork a good bit in order to develop into a good pass protector. It doesn’t matter how quick your feet are and how fast you can reset if your constantly finding yourself set up in a poor base. Flowers must improve his spacial awareness as well as it’s been an issue for him identifying his assignments. Flowers needs a lot of technical work when it comes to hand usage, footwork as stated and understanding how to control his opponents body without giving up ground when pass protecting.

Where does Ereck Flowers potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

The Buccaneers could use a future left tackle, as can most teams. Flowers is not ready to provide that instant impact as a pass protector on the left side but in time with his athleticism, could very well be that type of player. Flowers is a prime candidate to enter the league as a run blocking machine at right tackle while he learns the trades of the profession as a pass protector. The Buccaneers have a solid starter in Demar Dotson but are left with unsure talents outside of that. Flowers could provide both a short term and long term option to boost this offensive line.

Overall, Ereck Flowers scored a 7.7 which puts him at a second round grade for me. Much like D.J. Humphries, Flowers is an athletic specimen that shows traits good enough to help outweigh some shotty tape at times. Flowers should have a slow transition year one before showing major improvements in the following two seasons.

Short Term Outlook:

Swing tackle and possible right side starter year one with plus run blocking abilities.

Long Term Outlook:

Future left tackle, Flowers has the ability to be a very good player at his position for a steady long time.

Draft Prediction:

Second round pick.

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