NFL Draft Breakdown: Oregon’s Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher, Offensive Tackle, University of Oregon 

Height: 6’6″ (From Combine)
Weight: 306 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Footwork – C+
Hand usage – C
Awareness – B-
Strength and Leverage – C+
Run Blocking – B
Pass Blocking – C+
Consistency – B-
Overall Current Grade – C+
Overall Ceiling Grade – B+

Footwork and movement skills:

Jake Fisher shows solid footwork for his size but nothing otherworldly. Fisher displays a solid kick step and gets himself in position nicely but at times can be a bit choppy in his steps when facing a top end edge rusher. Speed will get the best of him at times to the outside if beat off the snap.

Fisher has very good movement skills as a whole. When run blocking, Fisher does a good job controlling his body in the open field and moving on to the second level. Fisher shows the short area quickness necessary to get out on screens and pull to either direction. His overall change of direction is solid and as an athlete, possesses the necessary movement and footwork to stay outside at tackle and potentially be an NFL left tackle. Fisher shows good mirroring skills in pass protection and this will be vital to his NFL success.

Strength, hands and Leverage:

Fisher shows good leg drive and lower body strength but his core could use some work. You don’t see the great hip snap and ability to stay strong through the bend that you do with La’El Collins and Andrus Peat. Core strength is something that can be worked on and as a whole, is not a huge red flag at all.

Fisher displays adequate hand usage but not much more. His hand placement tends to be poor and wide, often slipping to the outside shoulder causing him to have to grab on for positioning. Fisher does display counter moves with his hands and that is important as his best attribute at this point in time is his technical abilities in pass protection.

Fisher displays above average leverage. He shows good knee bend and his body control allows him to bend well. He’s not an elite player when it comes to using leverage but he does show a good understanding of how to use it to his advantage at 6’6”.

Where Fisher Struggles:

Fisher has issues in multiple facets of his game, he’s not as elite an athlete as you’d like for the left side and he also lacks the pure core strength you’d like to see on the right side. His hip snap is not at the elite level and his height means he needs to get lower than some and that at times is an issue. Fisher needs to work on his kick step and needs to work on his core strength. Having a stronger core will allow him to get away with less bend at times and will help in conjunction with his footwork to get him in better position for his hands.

Where does Jake Fisher potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

Fisher could immediately step in and provide help on the right side at tackle. He has the length and general athleticism to potentially be a left tackle at some point but for the time being, he would play a role as a swing tackle that can start on the right side. Fisher could kick inside to guard thanks to his versatility if need be due to injury and overall would provide depth and talent on the offensive line position without paying the premium price.

Overall, Jake Fisher scored a 7.9 which puts him at a second round grade for me. The athleticism and versatility are there and if the board fell right, he could be a potential target with the Buccaneers 2nd round selection.

Short Term Outlook:

Year one starter on the right side. Will struggle with speed initially but has ability to catch up and adjust.

Long Term Outlook:

Long term starter on the right side with the length and athleticism to potentially be a left tackle.

Draft Prediction:

Second round pick.

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