NFL Draft Breakdown: South Florida’s Andre Davis

Andre Davis, Wide Receiver, University of South Florida

Height: 5’10″ (From Combine)
Weight: 192 lbs (From Combine)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Hands – C
Routes – C-
Body Control – C-
Consistency – C-
Short Area Q & A – D+
Burst – C-
Top End Speed – C-
Size – C+
Run Blocking – D-
Overall Current Grade – D+ 
Overall Ceiling Grade – B-

Hands, Routes, Body Control and Consistency:

Andre Davis shows decent hands and has been a staple in the Bulls offense, often making acrobatic catches. Davis has made some very big plays and the key cog in most is his ability to haul in the tough grab. When it comes to making the routine play, Davis has struggled at times with some consistency and will at times let the ball get into his body. Davis has natural hands ability but doesn’t always extend out and high point passes as he should. As the difficulty of the catch increases, so does Davis’ play but he will lose out on some gimme’s thanks to shotty hand concentration.

Davis does not run the full route tree and a good bit of his success stemmed from heavy usage of double moves and creating separation with the ball in air versus agility and overall athleticism. Davis is not much of a threat on bubbles, slants and outright goes. Davis however does show tremendous ability to create separation on double moves, in particular faking the out and turning it inside to a post. Davis does a very good job creating subtle movements while going full speed and getting defenders to lean the wrong way before planting and breaking out of the route. Davis needs a lot of work on the finer things when running slant routes and quick ins, bubbles and hooks and those concerns will undoubtedly weigh heavy on his draft stock.

Davis shows good body control when making acrobatic catches and shows the ability to locate and plant his feet inbounds along the sidelines. Davis struggles with contested catches and doesn’t consistently box out the defender. When tracking the ball over the shoulder, Davis does a good job looking it in and staying balanced. Davis shows the ability to stretch down and “pluck” the ball from the shoelaces while maintaining balance. When going over the middle Davis will shield his body and tends to drop passes, seemingly anticipating the hit that may be coming.

Andre Davis has struggled at times with consistency in more ways than one. Davis has had some issues with ball security and has had spells of dropping passes. Over the middle is an issue for Davis, he is not a slot option unless he corrects these issues. Concentration continues to be a factor for Davis as stated above.

Short Area Q & A, Burst and Top End Speed:

Davis lacks short area quickness and agility that you look for in similar sized receivers. Davis loves to stretch the top of the defense but his size is built better for the short and intermediate ranged area. Davis doesn’t show the quick twitch movements and struggles with change of direction relative to others at his position. Davis isn’t going to make players miss post catch, he will rely on his strength over his suddenness.

Size and Run Blocking:

Davis stands at 6’1 and 205 lbs but plays much bigger physically. Davis does not shy from contact at the line of scrimmage or when out in route. While he struggles making contested catches, Davis does not mind getting pressed at the line and shows the strength to fight through it.

When asked to run block, Davis does a poor job engaging and often looks to simply be a pick player instead of getting physical. Davis needs to show better technique and willingness when on the field blocking for his backs.

Where Andre Davis Struggles:

As stated, Davis struggles with concentration and making contested catches. Davis needs to work on loosening up his lower half which will allow him to be sharper on the shorter routes in the route tree and it will also help him with his short area quickness. Davis needs to work on the overall route tree and his technique in selling all routes, not just the double moves. When facing tight coverage, Davis needs to work on shielding the defender with his back and extending out his arms to help both his quarterback and himself. When it comes to his run blocking, Davis needs to simply put in a better effort. Jab at the defender, engage with the hands and above all else, be physical.

Where does Andre Davis potentially fit in with the Buccaneers?:

The Buccaneers lack true depth at the position and are relying on growth and development from the likes of Shepard and Herron, both of whom have struggled to consistently catch the ball. Davis would be a bottom of the roster addition that brings the ability to make acrobatic catches and get down field. Davis despite his limited route tree does have experience working both out of the slot and outside and as most know, is a local product playing both his high school and college ball out of Tampa.

Overall, Andre Davis comes in at a 6.8 overall and has some serious developing that needs to take place that just wasn’t available at USF. Davis is a player that had an opportunity to be playing for FSU and instead opted to stay home, one must wonder what 2 years with Jameis Winston could have done for his overall stock and growth.

Short Term Outlook:

Developmental player on practice squad.

Long Term Outlook:

Potential depth receiver with ceiling of a WR3-4.

Draft Prediction: 

7th Round – Undrafted.

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