Not addressing the OL? No problem.

No. Don’t be silly. Of course I am not saying the Bucs can just go about their business and forget about the offensive line. That’s crazy talk. But I am saying they don’t need superstars. 

People have asked me — whether on Twitter or through the comments section here on TBC — who the Bucs should target for help along the offensive line. I have often said bringing in anyone would seem like an upgrade compared to what they had last season. But what I have more frequently said was, if they draft Jameis Winston, the offensive line won’t be a big issue.

“What? That’s insane” is what I usually get in response to that. There are several reasons for that though.

I have talked about it several times, a quarterback makes the line look good or bad. In 2014, Josh McCown had a worse sack percentage than Mike Glennon (and McCown is more mobile). McCown even placed himself on the sidelines after injuring his thumb against Atlanta.

Why do I say that? Throughout the season, McCown made the wrong line call several times leading to sacks, errors, and poor line play. Rumblings from One Buc Place suggested potential disconnects at times between McCown and his linemen at times. It was easy to point the finger at the offensive line — because they were bad often. However, it was not always on them. There were instances where Tampa Bay quarterbacks were given time to throw and they never pulled the trigger or decided to do something else.

All that can go away with drafting Jameis Winston. The Florida State product is cerebral at the line of scrimmage. He has demonstrated the ability to make the correct line calls throughout his college career and it is something those within league circles have raved about.

You can see that in this preview for ESPN’s Gruden QB Camp featuring Winston.

The Bucs are reportedly hosting former Patriots’ guard Dan Connolly. As I wrote on BucsBlitz.com on Thursday, if he signs, the Bucs could potentially have their offensive line set with Demar Dotson, Logan Mankins, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Dan Connolly, and Kevin Pamphile — a name many have forgotten and one who saw a decent amount of action as the 2014 season closed.

It may not be what many expected, but an actual signal caller will make the line leaps and bounds better than that of previous years.

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the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike the coyote I'm afraid that to improve it will take to much time because at this point it's starting to look like we might have to find a new H.C. and or a new G.M. and that won't be good. A new H.C. a new G.M. that could mean a hole new system with all new coaches this could turn out really bad. Let's just hope Lovie can put something together something that will work. Who knows maybe Lovie has some kind of trick up his sleeve. GO BUCS...

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

the coyote  I agree. And we need to improve..Bigtime!!!

the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

What a bunch of crap Gil. Your article makes no sense. None , zero. Have you watched any Buc games last season the o-line simply got beat up. And there is no way Jamies Winston or any other Q.B. that could change that. The Bucs have to improve on the o-line or we are in for another 2-14 season or worse.

thebaycave said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike And they should. Some wanted superstars on the line. They can get by with proven, serviceable linemen. Why "not addressing it" isn't the end of the world.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

thebaycave Relaxedmike Ok..I'll buy that!!  Your point is well taken. But we had 2 O linemen who got beat..like a drum consistently. One is no longer with us..TG!!  Hopefully we can find a vet who will assist in showing Winston some of the day to day ..tricks of the professional trade. And hopefully we do not give up Glennon for anything less than a 3rd rder.. I am confident our Bucs will address that O line.

thebaycave said : Guest Report one year ago

Relaxedmike Mike, in no way am I giving the offensive line a pass. I've broken down several games on here and on BucsBlitz.com (here is an example http://tam.scout.com/story/1490357-blame-mccown-not-the-offensive-line?s=70) that shows the flaws with McCown. And keep in mind that Glennon had a better sack percentage than McCown behind the same line with the same pass attempts. The article was merely pointing out that a quarterback who can properly read a defense pre-snap also improves an offensive line.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Say Gil, I watched every single Buc game last yr and our O line did not look good overall. They had some moments. But I witnessed a lot of breakdowns. McCown took some brutal hits and it did not appear it was because of his indecision. I just think your best O linemen are going to be in rds 1-3...perhaps 4th. Anything after that is somewhat developmental players for later on. Not in all cases. But most. Just hope our Bucs pull the trigger on O linemen at least before the fifth round. Because we know they are gonna go full bore with a D. End  in either the 2nd or 3rd rd.

CollierCory said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC If that works out it would free up the draft for the #Bucs to maybe get a luxury pick, like a RB or a DE upgrade. Saweet!

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