Offensive coaches are impressed

There is a common theme around the NFL: If a quarterback succeeds in the classroom, they should succeed on the field. That’s what the Bucs have in Jameis Winston

On Monday, the media was able to get a taste for how the offensive staff has tested the rookies during rookie mini-camp but there was one particularly moment from his pre-draft visit back in March that should be emphasized. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter explains this moment is where Winston won him over.

“[Quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian] Did a little install with him similar to what a Day 1 install would be say rookie mini-camp,” Koetter said. “Tested him. Mike was flying, Mike was going fast. They took a little break, had lunch, he met with some other people, we went back into the room and put the tape on. No pictures, just the tape and said ‘All right what’s this, what’s this.’ And [Winston] did very well, real impressive.”

Testing a rookie quarterback at his Pro Day has his limitations. Now that the Bucs have Winston under their umbrella, they can speak openly about him.

There were rumblings on how the staff was impressed with the 21-year-old’s football IQ however, the difference is those talks were now confirmed by Koetter.

“We had already looked at every snap for two years on both guys (Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston). That point right there because obviously both guys are very good football players, I’ve been around some good guys, but that was impressive — [Winston’s] recall.”

On Monday, Bajakian also echoed Koetter’s statements, adding that he was very impressed with what he saw on tape with Winston and was blown away with how he handles pressure situations. Bajakian mentioned Winston’s recall as well.

The Bucs finally have the right offensive minds on the sidelines. And with Winston’s ability to soak in the offense so far, there could be (cautious) optimism.

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