Open letter to Brent and Miko Grimes

Hey Brent and Miko. What’s up?

First off, I’d like to say I’m sorry for Brent’s release. Miami is clearly making moves many are having issues understanding. Your situation included. But now that you are a free agent, I’m sure you are looking back saying “their loss” and rightfully so.

I’m writing this because the Buccaneers secondary (and entire defense for that matter) is in dire need of fixing and I think you, Brent, are just the man for the job. Now in fairness, there will be a new system installed so there is no telling how this unit will perform under it, but the core pieces (as some like to label him, err, them) are still there and whether it was under Greg Schiano or Lovie Smith there is still a lot of room for improvement.

An area they need improvement in is attitude, both on and off the field (to some degree). That’s where both of you come in (Miko, I’ll get to you in just a second).

Brent, I don’t know if you saw, but following the finale at Carolina, Jameis Winston’s press conference was glorious. He displayed that passion and fire you look for in a quarterback, demanding a culture change because some players aren’t getting it. It’s that same fire and attitude you bring to the table on the defensive side of the ball. That’s been lacking here in Tampa for quite some time. Kwon Alexander appears to be one that would develop into that role, but he’s not there yet.

I’m going to tell a little story that I have shared before on Twitter. Following a Week 2 loss in 2013 against New Orleans, it was a somber locker room with players quietly upset and disappointed with confused looks on their faces for obvious reasons. But a certain player, with the fire and grit he’s known for, was not so quiet and was letting out his emotions after being upset about a penalty he was called for. After about a minute of us media folks entering the locker room, a prominent player tells this usually vocal guy (a guy who has been vocal his whole career) “hey man, tone it down” as this prominent player was getting glamoured up for his post-game face time. Needless to say, I was in that media huddle and noticed the vocal player across the locker room who was upset continue — albeit in a much lower tone — talking to his fellow position teammates, glancing over with a “stink eye” as he got what he needed off his chest.

That’s the culture this team has been plagued with. A losing one. One that when there is smoke, an extinguisher is immediately utilized before a fire forms and one that appears to be at times just fine with losing.

The stands are also a bit depressing, seeing fans from other teams flood Raymond James Stadium. I watch the stands fill up from my view in the press box and remain full of the other team’s colors blanketing the red seats through the game’s entirety. And when I say full I do not mean that literally. That’s where you come in, Miko.

See, I don’t understand what everyone’s deal is with you. How can someone not appreciate a person who stands up for their man and proudly reps the team he plays for? Let your passion out in the stands of RJS. Lead a brigade of Bucs fans and make the stadium a miserable place for visitors. Besides, Bucs are pirates. They are supposed to be ruthless, ill-mannered people who scare others away. Like I told Brent above, the team doesn’t have that attitude — at least not consistently enough. You bring that to the stands and I’m sure can inspire the play on the field.  Hopefully.

On Thursday, I saw something funny flash through my timeline on Twitter. Someone reported that teams are scared of Brent because of you. I don’t know about you but that is silly as hell in my opinion. And the best part, a publication locally in Tampa quote-tweeted for Bucs fans as he agreed with it.

Are we seriously that sensitive in the world today? That people tend to care about things that really shouldn’t matter? But I digress. That’s a story for another day.

The great thing about the Buccaneers situation is that your former coach, Mike Smith, is Tampa Bay’s defensive coordinator. Fortunately, you guys appear to be fond of him. I read online the Atlanta situation was rough but you guys had no issues with the coaching staff. In fact, you responded to a loyal reader of ours when he asked you what to expect from Smith:

Now that was very cool of you to do that, Miko. You did not have to, and you did.

I do feel this will be a good situation for you given the organization you will be in, a great front office staff led by general manager Jason Licht, and a promising offense with a franchise quarterback in Jameis Winston. He is no Ryan Tannehill, trust me on that :).

I obviously do not know what your current stance is or where you guys will wind up. Heck, I don’t even know if you have been contacted by the Bucs and if so how you will be utilized if signed. I may even get a text from Mr. Licht saying he enjoyed reading this and nothing comes of it, which is probably the case. But I just want to let you guys know that you could be a part of turning their defense/the team around. And that there are some publications out there — even if it’s just this one — that appreciates what you guys bring to the table.

Best wishes to you both,
Gil Arcia

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9 Comments on Open letter to Brent and Miko Grimes

GilArciaTBC said : Guest Report 5 months ago

Rickelodeon23 lol thanks man

Rickelodeon23 said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC great open letter bro

Matt said : Guest Report 5 months ago

Dolphins fan here. I personally don't hate Miko like a lot of Dolphin fans do, I stopped following her after she tweeted a picture of herself taking a s***. As long as she doesn't get arrested outside the stadium right before a game again, or get thrown out of a visiting stadium during a game again, or cause division in the locker room by publicly airing dirty laundry again - she shouldn't cause much of an issue for the Bucs. I doubt she was the reason Grimes was released, that had more to do with his contract and the fact that he just had a bad year. It obviously didn't help that she was causing distractions within the team or calling any journalist/fan that questioned her husband's play "b******", "p******", "idiots", etc. or threatening to shoot them, or "f*** them with Magic Johnson's d***" (my personal favorite) but teams don't release players over that alone. At the end of the day, what a player's wife says on Twitter really doesn't matter.  As far as Brent goes, you guys are getting a good CB and most Dolphins fans will wish him the best. He's a great player that did a great job for the fins for the past few years, and I'm sure he'll make a contribution to the Buc's D. He may have a lost a step, but he can still get the job done. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a better season than any of the CB's currently on the Dolphins' roster.

Mannylebron said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC this is awesome bro!

s1rdr3w said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave this is fantastic from all angles!!!!

artuvwar said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC check and mate sir...brilliant!

buckybolen said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC He would be a great fit with our defense. Still need another CB and a S. Our pass defense let us down last year.

ProducingDave said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC I love every bit of this. Mr. jasonrlicht please reach out to iHeartMiko and lets make this happen!! #GoBucs

ant39123714 said : Guest Report 5 months ago

GilArciaTBC bad ass man bad ass

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